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Please help me localize wMarker, head on over to CurseForge if you can translate any phrases in wMarker from English to another common language. Thanks!

The most updated version of wMarker will always be at WoW Interface
  • wMarker is an AddOn that allows you to easily and quickly add or remove raid target icons to any target.
  • You can easily place world markers with the easy world marker frame
  • You can also <font color="orange">bind key combinations</font> on your keyboard to press the buttons of wMarker. (Located in default Key Bindings menu from Game Menu.)
  • Key bindings will be reset if you have any version before v2.5. Sorry about the inconvenience

/wmarker <command>

  • <lock> : Locks and unlocks the wMarker frame in place.
  • <clamp> : Clamps and unclamps wMarker to the screen (you cannot drag it off your screen.)
  • <hide> : Hide wMarker.
  • <show> : Shows wMarker
  • <reset> : Resets wMarker to its default values and positions
  • <options> : Opens the options panel
  • < >(No command): Will open the options panel aswell
You can also right-click any of the raid icons to open the options panel

wMarker is currently localized in:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
Localization Page

  • Please suggest any new features or anyway I can improve the addon!
  • If you're looking to hook KgPanels to wMarker or it's wFlare frame, anchor it to "wMarker.main" and "wFlares.main"
  • Be sure to check WoW Interface for the most recent version of this addon. It's primarily hosted there!
  • I hope you enjoy my addon!

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  • Avatar of d3m0n75 d3m0n75 Sep 09, 2012 at 21:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Waky please let me know the status of your addon as pertaining to its update process. If you would give permission i would continue this project.

    Maggz Turalyon-US

  • Avatar of Kromdhar Kromdhar Aug 03, 2011 at 07:25 UTC - 0 likes

    OK French translation done except one ;-)

  • Avatar of Morwo Morwo Aug 02, 2011 at 21:47 UTC - 0 likes

    hi there got a new DEde localization.

    my localization is built on my german mother language. Your DEde may be built on babelfish, google or whatever, only translating it 1:1 back in english makes sense to german users.


    -- German --
    -- Translation credits: --
    -- TheGeek/StormCalai ----
    -- zaephyr81 -------------
    -- Waky ------------------
    local Language = GetLocale()
    if (Language=="deDE") then
    wMarkerLocals = {}
    wMarkerLocals = {
    -- Icons
    ["Skull"] = "Totenkopf",
    ["Cross"] = "Kreuz",
    ["Square"] = "Quadrat",
    ["Moon"] = "Mond",
    ["Triangle"] = "Dreieck",
    ["Diamond"] =  "Diamant",
    ["Circle"] = "Kreis",
    ["Star"] =  "Stern",
    ["Clear mark"] =  "Entferne Schlachtzugsymbol vom Ziel",
    ["Ready check"] = "Bereitschaftskontrolle",
    -- World Markers (uses same names as icons above)
    ["world marker"] = "Welt Marker",
    ["Display as"] = "Zeigen als",
    ["Clear all world markers"] = "Entferne alle Weltmarkierungen",
    -- Options
    ["Version"] = "Version",
    ["About"] = "Über",
    ["Author"] = "Autor",
    ["Raid marker"] = "Schlachtzug Marker",
    ["World markers"] = "Welt Markierungen",
    ["Key bindings"] = "Tastenbindungen",
    	-- Phrases
    ["Translation credits"] = "Übersetzung Kredit",
    ["Clamp to screen"] = "Rahmen auf Bildschirm begrenzen",
    ["Display vertically"] = "Senkrecht anzeigen",
    ["Enable tooltips"] = "Tooltip aktivieren",
    ["Reverse icons"] = "Symbolreihenfolge umkehren",
    ["Hide background"] = "Hintergrund verstecken",
    ["Hide when alone"] = "Verstecken, wenn allein",
    ["Hide without assist (in a raid)"] = "Verstecken, bei ohne Erlaubnis zu markieren (in einem Schlachzug)",
    ["Icon spacing"] = "Symbol Abstand",
    ["Lock frame"] = "Rahmen verschließen",
    ["Raid Markers alpha"] = "Schlachtzugsymbole Transparenz",
    ["Raid Markers scale"] = "Schlachtzugsymbole Skalierung",
    ["Show frame"] = "Rahmen zeigen",
    ["Show only with a target"] = "Nur mit einem Ziel anzeigen",
    ["World Markers alpha"] = "Weltmarkierungen Transparenz ",
    ["World Markers scale"] = "Weltmarkierungen Skalierung",
    ["Blips"] = "Blip",
    ["Icons"] = "Symbole",
    ["Compact mode"] = "Compact-Modus",
    ["Detach control frame"] = "Lösen Sie Control-Frame",
    ["Not bound"] = "N / A",
    ["Click on a button and then press the key combination to bind. Right click to remove a binding"] = "Klicken Sie auf eine Schaltfläche und drücken Sie dann eine Tastenkombination. Rechter Mausklick löscht Tastenzuweisungen",
    Last edited Aug 02, 2011 by Morwo
  • Avatar of Kromdhar Kromdhar Aug 02, 2011 at 07:23 UTC - 0 likes


    getting the following errors when I try to use wMarker (fr_FR) :

    1x wMarker-2.3\config.lua:341: attempt to index local "L" (a nil value) wMarker-2.3\config.lua:341: in main chunk

    1x wMarker\wMarker-2.3.lua:140: attempt to index upvalue "L" (a nil value) wMarker\wMarker-2.3.lua:140: in function <wMarker\wMarker.lua:140>

    1x wMarker\wMarker-2.3.lua:225: attempt to index upvalue "L" (a nil value) wMarker\wMarker-2.3.lua:225: in function <wMarker\wMarker.lua:225>




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