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    As I mentioned in the description a few days ago I am developing a new version of WorldExplorer that has the exact area's of each area (so there will be no need to send in your data!). I haven't worked out how to display them yet so would appreciate some feedback on this! I personally believe that the best method of displaying them might be a shaded area (The default map (addon's like Carbonite) uses these for quests area's and addon's like _NPCScan.Overlay use it to display other data.

    As WorldExplorer will display these area's over most of the map I was thinking of maybe having it so you could click on each one and toggle between the full overlay and just an icon in the center... What do you think?

    OR do you have any other idea's that you think will be better?


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    I love the idea of a dot overlay (or perhaps a questhelper style area overlay). This way those that want to use your mod and not have the fog turned on could still explore.

    This might also reduce the memory leak (just posted a ticket) I've been seeing in the new beta.

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    @flameflash: Go

    Thanks. I am making progress on this and have been spending every free moment on it LOL but it's going to take some time. I think I will have the WHOLE of "Hellfire Peninsula" mapped by the end of today! It really is long process and has taken maybe 8 hours so far to map half of "Hellfire Peninsula"!

    I have replied to your ticket if you want to nip and have a look. I userstand you have already got the the achivement on your main but if you have any alts that you use that could be tested on that would be a HUGE help! ;-)

    Your surgestions on the new layout sound like what I was thinking so thats good! ;-) As soon as I have "Hellfire Peninsula" mapped I will start trying to add them to the map in the simplest and most rebust way I can... Oh and a memory efficent! LOL



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    Good news! Got "Hellfire Peninsula" mapped! It did take almost all of yesterday so this will DEFINATLY be a stage by stage event! LOL
    What I will do is create a second (ish) addon that runs side by side with the original one and have the new addon replace the zones as I map them...
    So for example I have got "Hellfire Peninsula" now and once I have created the addon to use it I will disable the original WorldExplorer's code in "Hellfire Peninsula" and only enable this one in "Hellfire Peninsula"... If that makes sence!? ;-)



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    PROGRESS!!!! I have managed to map and display a few area's (so the bulk of the code is now there!)... Quick teaser screenshot:

    WorldExplorer V2 Teaser!

    Hope you like it. Currently it only has three area's mapped:

    • Thrallmar (Bright Red)
    • Supply Caravan (White) (small area outside Thrallmar's entrance)
    • Falcon Watch (Dark Red)

    I still have a lot to do and that's before I start mapping the area's in this zone never mind the other million zones!! LOL



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    IT'S ALIVE!!!! ;-) Well the first BETA is (V2.0.2 BETA) with "Hellfire Peninsula" done (the other area's will show the original type).

    Quickly go test it! ;-)

    It takes about 2 days (20 HOURS!!!) work to map each and every zone so I would like to know it is worth doing before I spend the good part of a few weeks doing it! LOL

    Comments welcome and encoraged!



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    I spent some time over the last week and have almost finished another area for V2! :-) This time it's "Shadowmoon Valley".

    I wanted to do this one next as I knew it would be harder as the right hand side of this area has a huge no fly zone which unlike Dalaran is just an invisible wall. This doesn't just go straight up it goes up at an angle like a huge upside down egyptian pyramid. Also a few of these invisible walls cross each other at strange angles that can (and did several time) cause you to get dismounted as all of a sudden there isn't enough room for your mount (like trying to mount to close to a tree that leans towards you)!

    Anyway I will hopefully finish this area tonight (real life permitting!)...



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    DAMN! Just when I think I have worked out area discovery and achievements in WoW Blizzard throws me a curve ball... Just noticed that even though there are area's that have the same name as the achievement you can also get the achievement on some area's close by! For example "The Hand of Gul'dan" in Shadowmoon Valley can be marked as found by discovering ether "The Hand of Gul'dan" or "The Fel Pits" next to it! :-O


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    OK new version out... :-) V2.0.3 BETA. Got a few changes but most importatly now has V2 mappings for Shadowmoon Valley. :-)



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    I had found an area that wasn't included in the original WE. However when attempting to copy paste the email link I removed most of it, so I thought I would post it here. Current WorldExplorer Version = 'V2.0.19 BETA' Current Realm = 'Cairne'

    Continent: 'Eastern Kingdoms' Zone: 'Redridge Mountains' MiniMapZoneName: 'Render's Crater' CordX: '0.65996158123016' CordY: '0.59820997714996' DateTime: '2011/02/13 02:50:42' Hope this gets to you and helps out. my email is [email protected]

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    Nice addon, just wondering if Is there going to be an update soon?

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