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2 - Suggestion: Option for Auto-check at login

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Could there be an option added for automatically checking for the mouse when logging in? I would like to turn this feature off as WoW detects my mouse when I log in, but not when I go from windowed to full screen. When I do this change is when I use the add-on manually with /wmf.


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  • Avatar of Zasurus Zasurus Jul 28, 2012 at 22:24 UTC - 0 likes

    To be honest I have the cata mouse now and it works so I thought the new drivers fixed this for all wow mice. Are you sure this isn't the case? Have you got the newest drivers from StealSeries?

    If not then I guess I might be able to add an option to keep checking even once it has found the mouse. BUT I have a funny feeling the way I check is to disable the mouse and re-enable it so it might not be possible.

    Try the newest driver and disable this addon and if it still fails to find it tell me and I will see if it's possible to do something for you. :)


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