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WoWVid (WoW Video) allows the user to watch movies inside WoW while doing dailies or grinding.
(originally by Norpse)

How does it work

WoWVid creates a texture that when properly configured, allows media playing in the background to project inside WoW.
It is a pure lua addon, no executables.
You will however need an external player of your choice that is capable of playing video in Overlay mode.
Most popular media players (and several freeware ones) support this mode of operation.


  1. Start World of Warcraft.
  2. Once in the game press Esc to bring up the Game Menu.
  3. Select Video -> Graphics -> Display Settings -> "Windowed(FullScreen)"

Example configurations for 2 popular media players: (thanks to Garual for the write-up)

  1. start VLC
  2. click Tools
  3. Preferences
  4. go under Video
  5. make sure Accelerated video output is on
  6. for Output select DirectX(DirectDraw)
  7. start playback
  8. start WoW
  9. type /wv config and set WoWVid to R:0 G:0 B:1
  10. place WoWVid window over the VLC one.
  1. start KMPlayer
  2. press F2
  3. click on Video Processing
  4. select tab Renderer
  5. for Renderer choose Overlay mixer
  6. start playback
  7. start WoW
  8. set WoWVid to R:15 G:0 B:15
  9. place WoWVid window over the KMPlayer one

Addon Configuration

/wowvid or /wv from command line or use the minimap button.


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Oct 05, 2015
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