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33 - More AutoLoot options

NightShade_00013: Love the changes with Xloot compared to the blizz frames.  Is it in the works or possible to allow auto looting of crafting items?  Say you have a miner when you mine a node it would auto pickup any ore or gems?  Also when prospecting could grab the gems without having to turn auto loot on and off.  A Slider for the minimum type as well as cloth for the tailors, leather for the leatherworkers and greens, blues, purples with a min ilvl.  Maybe a chck box for when you want to run through a dungeon for mats and pick up the gold  runecloth and greens or better.

Would be a great advantage for me and I can guess a lot of others would enjoy this as well.  That way all we have to do is check the box for the things we want and kill then right click. . . no more junk in the bags unless we want something and then we can select that for ourselves.

AutoLoot options.

When: Opening containers/receiving profession results
What: Anything

When: Looting in general
What: Specific items (Flag item as auto-looted? Right click? How?)

Also: Minimum quality slider

User When Change
Xuerian Oct 31, 2012 at 02:54 UTC Create

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  • Avatar of NightShade_00013 NightShade_00013 Oct 31, 2012 at 14:40 UTC - 0 likes

    Another addition is the auto loot options based on if you are solo or in a party/raid and if in a party or raid what level of disenchantable items should be looted. I would assume that quest items, coins, and cloth as well as possible crafting materials would remain the same auto loot even if in a group, but a master looter would not want to auto loot items that need to be rolled upon by other group members.

  • Avatar of NightShade_00013 NightShade_00013 Oct 31, 2012 at 07:51 UTC - 0 likes

    For auto loot of items in general that have an ilvl like greens blues etc. A slider or number box with minimum ilvl to pickup.

    For cloth harvesting a checkbox for the cloth types to be picked up would likely be more efficient.

    Gems, ore, herbs and leather should also have a sort of auto loot. Generally looting all no matter what type would be a positive though some sort of selection system would be nice as well. Can't remember if they have an ilvl or not, if not a check box type system would work fine in most situations should everything not want to be looted, i.e. loot the leather but leave the scraps.



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