Zone Achievement Tracker

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Automatically tracks the achievement for completing quests in your current zone.

For example, when you enter Deepholm, you’ll track the Deep Into Deepholm achievement (“Complete 110 quests in Deepholm”) and when you enter Krasarang Wilds, you’ll track the Mighty Roamin' Krasaranger achievement (“Complete the Krasarang Wilds storylines listed below”).

Achievements that you have already completed cannot be tracked. Achivements for zones other than the one you are currently in will be removed from tracking. If you’d prefer not to track the Mists of Pandaria achievements with their long criteria lists, type “/zat” to toggle them off (or back on).

Known Issues

Some zones (eg. Mount Hyjal) will sometimes display only the achievement name, and not the criteria, if you have already completed that zone’s achievement on another character on the same account. This is a Blizzard bug, and there is unfortunately nothing I can do other than wait for Blizzard to fix it.

Language Support

Works in all languages. Translations are not required.


Post a comment on WoWInterface. Please note that I consider this addon to be complete, and will probably not add any new features. If you are reporting a bug, please include your character’s faction (Horde or Alliance) and your current zone.

If you do not have a WoWInterface account, and don’t want to create one, you can post on the WowAce forums with your Curse account instead.


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