Goes Live

As many of you may already know, today is the day where CurseForge goes live. We're still staying in beta status as we continue to refine and enhance the offerings here.

What can you expect in the upcoming weeks and months from us? More and better features, weekly site updates, and a proactive involvement from the administrators.

We'll also be cleaning up the addon section, getting rid of the fluff compilations and UI packs. We'll be taking the fan updates and folding them into the main project via the cloning system, and in cases where the fan updates or continues are now the official package we'll be taking care of that as well.

As far as performance on the site goes we'll be monitoring performance and make any optimizations necessary to ensure that the site stays fast and responsive.

Please communicate to us through the CurseForge Project. We read the tickets there to help us shape the future of the site.

Also below, I copied the statement from's announcement.

Look forward to working with you guys,


Today Curse is pleased to introduce one of the newest members of the Curse Network: -- a website completely devoted to supporting video game mod developers. Our initial release will include full support for World of Warcraft AddOns, and in the future we will be expanding to support many types of game modifications, including Starcraft II maps, and even FPS mods -- so prepare yourselves; start planning your SC2 map projects now!
What exactly is CurseForge? The website has been co-developed by two long-standing, respected members of the AddOn Author Community: Kaelten, Administrator of WoWAce, and Ckknight, creator of many household AddOns such as Cartographer, Pitbull, Fubar, Cowtip, Parrot, and many more.
The goals of CurseForge are simple: to create a developer-friendly hosting platform for all of your project management needs. Included in the initial launch of the website are the following features:
  • Fully-featured Project Management System.
    • Update your projects via the simple upload system, or automatically with several different Version Control Systems!
      • The following Version Control Systems can be used to update projects:
    • Robust Ticket System
      • Allows users to create tickets so the developer is aware of outstanding issues with the project, or suggestions from users for enhancements. The ticket system is designed to be smart, so that similar issues are grouped together for easy browsing.
      • Also allows browsing of either the entire group of issues, or a single ticket under that group of issues.
      • Supported ticket types: Defects, Enhancements, Patches, Tasks, Other
    • Every project has its own repository for easy committing of changes!
      • Project manager will be able to designate whether to sync the repository's password with their account, making it quick and easy to log in.
      • Includes automated / configurable Access Control Levels to grant only the access you want to give to other project members.
    • Fully-featured Wiki
      • Every project on CurseForge will receive its very own Wiki, to store information about the project.
    • Automated Packager
      • Automatically creates a zip file of each revision in the SVN repository for a project, making it immediately available for users to download.
      • These zip files are also automatically syndicated with -- increasing the reach of a project more than ever before.
    • Alpha / Beta / Release Distinction
      • Project managers will be able to designate Alpha / Beta / Release distinction, creating an "opt-in" scenario, where only users who wish to download pre-release projects with the Curse Client can do so, while those that only want stable versions can rest assured they will not download something buggy.
  • Ability to upload screenshots of mods
  • Forums powered by Vbulletin, one of the industry leaders in forum software.
  • News related to mod development
There are changes coming to Curse due to this as well. We'll be disabling project management on and moving it over to CurseForge with the introduction of the website. This means project management will be disabled for the time being, as we transition over to the new system at CurseForge. We'll hopefully have it back and available very soon, so thank you in advance for your patience. We assure you the new management system is well worth the wait, and will make it easier than ever before to host your projects here on Curse.