Cataclysm Beta Keys for Addon Authors

As we all know Cataclysm has entered beta. For expansions past we've been able to offer our authors beta access. I'm glad to say that thanks to Blizzard we're able to do the same again this year.

To be considered eligible for this you must have a valid active addon on either or We will be activating a new item on the rewards store (it won't cost any points!) soon that you'll need to go in and order to request a key.

We will then be fulfilling orders as quickly as we can receive keys.

Just so everyone is aware, addons are currently disabled in the latest builds of the beta and will likely remain that way for some time as the default ui gets the kinks worked out. While this will limit the toying with the API it will still let everyone test out the default one, and have fun exploring the new content.

Have fun, happy questing and testing!