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** New features in the pipeline for the little blue beast ***


Aardvark is a farming / bag management addon that will auto allow you to auto repair, sell and destroy each time you visit a vendor.

Aardvark Repair will auto repair when you visit a vendor that can repair.
You can choose to repair using your own gold or guild funds, (if you are guild repair enabled).

Aardvark Sell will sell items you have added to your sell lists.
You can choose to add sell items to a character specific sell list or your global sell list.

Aardvark Destroy will destroy items you have added to your destroy lists.
You can choose to add destroy items to a character specific destroy list or your global destroy list.

Aardvark Protect will prevent items from being sold or destroyed regardless of listing in the sell and destroy lists.
You can choose to add items to a character specific or global protect lists.
This was implemented due to a number of requests, especially for grey items that you may want to keep.

To add items to your lists simply drag & drop, or click & drop, items onto the Aardvark button, (by default it will be added to the character specific list, holding Alt will add it to your global list), the Aardvark action bar character, (C), button or the global, (G), button, or directly on to the sell and destroy scroll lists on the Aardvark frame.
The items will be added to the appropriate list based on their value.

  • Items without a value will be added to the destroy list.
  • Items that have a value will be added to the sell list.
  • Any item regardless of value and/or colour can be added to your protect list.

The next time you visit a vendor all the items that you have put on your lists will be sold and destroyed.

No more hunting and pecking, no more typing DELETE each time you pick up another Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal in AQ40.

You can check your lists and remove items by clicking on them or you can right click the clear buttons to wipe the list and start again.

You can also choose to run the destroy function even when you are not at a vendor.

The Aardvark Destroy function will destroy any item that you have added to your destroy list regardless of bind, amount, rarity or colour.

An item that is destroyed cannot be recovered unless you go and farm it again.

There are options a lot of message options and a new action bar to make adding items to your lists easier.

Further information and a lot of silly words can be found here.

Please post questions and feedback here rather than sending individual messages.

I am still a noob when it comes to coding and Aardvark is my very first addon, so my code is undoubtedly very messy, overly verbose and more than likely very inefficient.
I will continue to refine and reduce the code in each update, and would love to get some feedback and help with localisations.


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