This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

ActiveStats is a World of Warcraft addon intended to track statistics of various active abilities. The original goal was to be able to track the various tank active mitigation abilities such as Shuffle, Elusive Brew, Savage Defense, Blood Shield, etc., but the addon can be just as useful for any class and spec that has abilities for which they wish to track uptime.

The existing combat trackers were excellent for many purposes, but I could find none that would track the uptime of these types of abilities in the way I wanted, and didn't want to have to rely on World of Logs reports to get the information needed.

Currently the addon will track uptime of tank active mitigation as a percentage of per hit attempts affected out of total hit attempts. The addon is also intended to be expanded to cover uptime tracking as a percentage of total combat time, though for many abilities that is a much less useful way of looking at it. Per hit attempt far more effectively tracks actual *active* tanking for most abilities, but some abilities just don't fit that mold.

Currently tracked abilities are:

ClassSpecAbilities tracked (Spell ID in [brackets] to disambiguate effects)
MonkBrewmasterShuffle, Elusive Brew[115308], Guard
DeathknightBloodBone Shield, Blood Shield, Dancing Rune Weapon
DruidGuardianSavage Defense
WarriorProtectionShield Block, Shield Barrier
PaladinProtectionShield of the Righteous, Sacred Shield[20925], Sacred Shield[65148]

More abilities will be added, including trinket effects, enchants, etc. if I get enough feedback to indicate they'd be useful.

This first release is to quickly get some initial feedback and get something out there that will be an additional tool to help the community gain insight into their effectiveness at using their role abilities.

The player is tracked by default. You can add and remove other player names to track with /activestats add Whoever and /activestats remove Whoever. Currently there is no saving of fight stats or of who/what you are tracking (coming soon).

This is a very early stage first release. I hope it is of some use, but please don't mistake this for a finished, much less mature, addon. Your feedback is welcome, as long as you keep that in mind Update: obviously haven't touched this in ages. If anyone wants to do anything with it, feel free. Otherwise maybe I'll get back to it one day. These days is so good that it pretty much eliminates my desire to mess with this.


  • Currently the number of fights to track is not limited, so you'll want to occasionally pull down the fight selection menu and choose "Clear Fight List".
  • You can drag the window wherever you want but dragging with the left mouse button held down.
  • You can resize the window by dragging with the right mouse button.
  • Both moving and resizing are active anywhere theres not an active button or menu. More intuitive resizing is on the todo list, but far down vs. completing basic functionality and configurability.
  • You can use /activestats show to show the window if you've closed it. You can use /activestats hide to hide the window, or just click the x button. Stats are still being tracked whether or not the window is shown.


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