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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This addon will allow you to load or unload addons without logging out. You can save sets of addons to load, and switch between them easily. Addons can be grouped and selected or deselected with a single click.

This addon uses the Blizzard Interface AddOn section to allow configuration. To reach this, bring up the game menu by pressing ESC, select Interface, and then select the AddOns tab.

You must still reload your UI to change addons. You do not have to do this by logging out and logging in again.

Addon Manager

This is the main panel, and lists the groups of addons that you have created. Initially it will only have the All group, which contains every addon that you have available to load. If you expand this group by clicking on the + then you can select or deselect addons individually. Clicking on the checkbox by the group name will select or deselect all addons contained in the group.

Above the central list is a text box which allows you to search for addons of a particular name. If you wanted to find all of your Cartographer addons then you could type Cartographer. This supports Pattern Matching ( so you can do things like type D.*B.*M to find all of the Deadly Boss Mods, including Deadly Boss Mods Core, which would not be matched by DBM.

Below the central list are buttons to disable and enable all addons, which perform exactly the same function as those on the Blizzard addon interface.

The bottom section of the addon manager panel is used to create load and delete sets of addons. If you type a name into the text box, and then click Save, then the currently selected addons will be saved into a set of that name. That set can be loaded at any time by pressing on the select button, selecting the name of the save from the list, and then clicking on load. The delete button will delete the currently selected save.

Your addons are prepared for update when you click the Okay. A list of the changes to your addons will be printed to the chat frame, with the instruction use /console reloadui to load changed addons. This just means that you have to type /console reloadui into chat in order to load your addons.

Group Manager

The group manager is used to create, update, and delete groups in much the same way that the addon manager is used to create, update, and delete sets of addons. The layout and use of this manager mirrors that of the addon manager.

Slash Commands

There are slash commands that allow you to load a save, show the addon manager, and reload the ui. They are as follows:

/addonmanager load [save] This will not reload the ui
/addonmanager show
/addonmanager reload

You can also use the /am abbreviation in the place of /addonmanager.


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