This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

AdvancedIconSelector is a complete replacement for the standard Blizzard macro / equipment set icon selector. It has a built-in search feature and an optional keywords library to make finding the right icon for your new macro or equipment set as easy as conjured mana pie!

This addon has several goals:

  • To make the icon selector dialog resizeable, so you can see more icons at once.
  • To allow searching by icon filename.
  • To allow searching by addon-defined keywords (like "fire" or "cat").
  • To make its icon selector available to other addons via its shared library

The keyword library that comes with AdvancedIconSelector specifies search terms for the 1200+ icons which can be used for macros and equipment sets. This library does not load until it's needed, so you don't have to worry about it adversely affecting your loading time. (it usually takes less than 0.1 seconds anyway)


If enabled, AdvancedIconSelector will automatically replace the standard Blizzard icon dialogs. You can also type /icons or /ais to browse all the icons available.

If you hover your mouse over an icon, you'll see that icon's ID, filename, as well as which spells make use of it!

You can also filter the icons displayed by typing into the search box. You can use terms like AND, OR, and NOT to better specify what you're looking for - for example, you might search for "cat" to search for all cats, but then refine your search to "cat AND NOT cata" to get rid of all the bogus "Cat"aclysm items that appeared when you searched for "cat". (AND OR NOT can also be specified with , ; ! respectively (and whitespace means AND)... the previous search could also be accomplished with "cat !cata")


  • You can search by spell name! Try typing "arcane intellect"
  • Most icons have color keywords. Try searching for "blue" to view all icons where blue is a prominent color!
  • Many icons have element keywords. Try searching for "fire"!
  • Be careful of substrings - searching for "holy" also yields the results for "unholy" as well!
  • To do pattern matching, place an = in front of a search term: "=%d%d%d" will find all icons that have 3 consecutive digits in the filename or keywords (see for more information)
  • There's no way I can ever enter every single word you could ever think of for every single icon, so you're gonna have to be a little smart about your searches:
    • Use simple keywords whenever possible: "explosion" is more likely to come up with results than "exploding" or "exploded". "flame" or "fire" is better than "flaming". "skull" is better than "skeletal".
    • Use unambiguous terms: "fire" will provide much more helpful results than "magic"... and what I think of as magic may differ from what you think of as magic.
    • Extremely subjective terms like "scary" are very rarely included.
    • I tried to only include keywords like "mouth" if they're significant to the icon, as opposed to including it on every single icon that has a face. Therefore, searching for dull terms like "hair" may yield no useful results since there are no icons where the hair is really emphasized.

Other notes:

  • NOT is processed before AND is processed before OR. Parenthesis are not currently supported.
  • Patterns are matched against LOWERCASE filenames and keywords and cannot contain spaces.
  • Keywords I've added are optimized out if they're part of the filename or another keyword. If a keyword you think should be there is not, check first that it's not part of something else. (i.e., "dead" might not be a keyword if "undead" is part of the filename)
  • Spell data is nearly, but not entirely complete. Most notably missing are hunter pets, mounts, companions, and profession specializations.
  • If you also install AddonLoader (, this addon won't even load until you open the character or macro frame! I highly recommend it, as it may help in the delayed loading of other addons as well!
  • If you're an addon developer, the internal library can be used to provide its searchable icon selection GUI to your own addon (regardless of whether or not this addon is installed)! See AdvancedIconSelector\Libs\LibAdvancedIconSelector-1.0\Readme.txt for details on how to do this.

Check out my other addons:

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    Allows you to triple-spec effectively by swapping out sets of action bar items, glyphs, and even keybindings! (combine it with Talented, which swaps talents!)

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