Altoholic 4.3.003b


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    May 5, 2012
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.3.4


4.3.003b (05/05/2012)

- Added a faction filter in Grids -> Mounts
- Added an expansion pack filter in Grids -> Pets
- Added the possibility to link a mount/pet in their respective grid view.
- Fixed Pets.xml removed from a TOC file in previous version (oops !)

4.3.003 (04/05/2012)

- Average item level now scanned after PLAYER_ALIVE. Fixes AiL staying at 0.
- Added an option to delete a character's mailbox content (Tab "Characters" -> Mail drop down).
- Added a new tab : Grids. This tab gathers all the "grid" views from the Characters tab in a single view. Much easier to manage, and to enhance.
- Equipment, reputations, currencies, tabards, mounts and pets have been moved to the new "Grids" tab.
- Added 2 new views to the Grids tab: tradeskills & archeology. These allow you to visualize your progress in those professions on multiple alts, have a reference for profession leveling, and see what crafts you are missing.

Note: More changes are on their way for the Character's tab, including a UI for the void storage, which was pushed back by the development of the Grids tab.
I had to make some cleanup to facilitate that implementation and future ones.