Altoholic 7.1.001


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    Oct 26, 2016
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  • 7.1.0


7.1.001 (26/10/2016)

- DataStore_Quests: added an option to select the hour at which daily quests are reset.
- Updated the lists of achievements with the new ones added in Legion.
- The talent panel is finally back. You can now also see the stat priority when mousing over the specialization name.
Note: The priorities come from Icy Veins, although I have not respected them 100%, based on my own experience, view, and discussions with guild mates.
They are meant to be an indication for classes you do not play too often, and I do not wish to enter religious discussions about who is right or wrong, or about which stat is actually better :)
ex: in some cases, Icy Veins indicated that the primary stat (STR, INT, ..) has a lesser priority than mastery or crit ..
well, I still kept the primary stat as #1 in the list, because in most cases, you WILL have this stat on each item.
And if you reach the point where this difference matters, then you probably don't need the information any more, because you supposedly already know your class well enough.

- DataStore_Talents: major overhaul to support the new panel. Old functions have obviously been deprecated.
- LibCraftReagents is now deprecated, its functionality is now handled by DataStore_Crafts, which now has access to all recipes (even unlearned).
It's now 100% accurate and maintains itself (yeah, less code to maintain \o/).
Note: you should open each profession once to populate this internal reference table.
- DataStore_Mails: Fixed the invalid attachment counts in the tooltip for mails sent by guild mates.
- Removed LibBabble-Inventory, replaced the translations it provided by values returned by the game's API.
- DataStore_Quests: Fixed scanning quest links, which caused a Lua error when clicking on a tooltip.
Make sure to log in your alts once to fix their quest logs in the DB, this is what causes the tooltip issue.