This addon helps you FIND BETTER GEAR (Armor, Weapons, Trinkets etc.) on the auction house. It uses the WeightsWatcher addon to compare what you are currently wearing with the items for sale on the auction house.


This addon REQUIRES both WeightsWatcher and Auctioneer Suite to be installed


100% Localized. Did a lot of it with google translate, so please offer suggestions / corrections as needed.

Your participation is welcome on our Localization site.

How To Use

Off-line Use

  • Scan Auction House by Auctioneer Scan function
  • Click Search Tab of Auctioneer
  • Expand Searchers and select WeightsWatcher
  • Select the Scale that has been defined in the WeightsWatcher addon (for example: )
  • Select other options if needed
  • Click Search
  • See/Buy/Bid BETTER GEAR in search result window

Real-time Use

  • Ensure that WeightsWatcher is selected in the list of searchers to use for Real-time Searches
  • Activate Realtime scanner

BUG Reporting

Please report Bugs by writing Tickets.

Issues I'm working on

  • Code optimization

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