Auto Questing Tools

The main focus of this addon is to help you fly through questing.


  • Auto Quest Accept: If you're below 110 it accepts all available quests that award experience, otherwise it accepts all quests. This is mainly because when you're leveling the only quests that matter are the ones that help you reach 110. And after 110 all quests still give reputation, so they are worth doing;
  • Auto Quest Complete: If the quest you're about to deliver has several rewards and you must choose one if you have the addon Quest Reward installed and enabled the reward with the most vendor value will be chosen and the quest will be completed if you have the ALT key pressed. If the quest offer no choices regarding the rewards then the quest will be automatically delivered;
  • Auto Quest Share: Whenever you accept a quest and you're in a party, it'll try to share it with all party members. This feature works especially well if the other party members also have this addon installed;
  • Auto Class Training: When you visit your class trainer it'll learn all the available new spells that you can afford.

Slash Commands

You can use either /aqt or /autoquestingtools.

  • /aqt security - Enables / Disables the security key CTRL (default: enabled);
  • /aqt auto_complete - Enables / Disables auto completing quests with more than one reward choice when the addon QuestReward is present. If disabled you can use the ALT key to temporarily enable this feature (default: disabled);
  • /aqt status - Shows your current settings.


By default any of these modules only work if you have your CTRL key pressed when you interact with NPCs. It's a security feature to work around any situation not yet fully implemented or tested. This feature can be toggled with the command /aqt security. The CTRL key can also be used to temporarily disable an interaction when you have disabled security. In simpler terms, the CTRL key toggles the addon for each interaction depending on the state of the security option.

Bugs / Issues

If you find any bug / issue while using the addon please report them either by leaving a comment on the section below or opening a ticket at the CurseForge project page. I promise I'll do my best to review and fix them all. Thank you all for your time.


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