This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Because you can't be arsed clicking the damn buttons each time.

Type "/autobg help" for info.


"Hey Moro, what the hell does your mod do?"

Well this mod does lots of things to make the lives of all my gamer friends better! More specifically, it simplifies a lot of BG functions for those that BG a lot in World of Warcraft. A lot of the functions in this mod can be turned on or off.
Things like:
- Automatic queuing for BGs. You can set it to keep queuing for a single BG, or target BGs to get marks using multiple queues. Also includes support for queuing as a group, and low level characters.
- You can set it to queue for the daily BG first when you have the quest, though this is off by default to prevent confusion.
- It automatically sets your 'sticky chat' to /bg chat whenever you enter a BG, and reverts back afterwards.
- It can automatically release your character upon death, with support for Shamans self rez.
- Remove the enormous bright red "Insignia Taken" error message, because it really does shit me.
- Filters out system garbage in the chat window while in BGs, including the dreaded "not in a party" spam.
- Filters out enemy spam. Says, yells, emotes, etc spammed from enemy players while in BGs.
- Automatically leave the BG once the battle is over, and everything is done and dusted.
- It can automatically turn in marks for honour, and also the daily BG quest.
- For players leveling up in BGs, it can print (in raw numbers and bars) a report of how much XP the player earned in the last BG once they finish a BG.


"What happened to AutoJoin for BG queues? Are you gonna have this back in?"

No, I can't add this back in. Whats happened is that players have gotten some bullshit and chips from Blizzard(tm) in this regard, in what appears to be a poor attempt to stop botters in BGs. In patch 3.2, Blizzard actually broke the API making AcceptBattlefieldPort() hardware only, meaning that it needs some sort of key press from the player to work. Illegal 3rd party programs however, can still AutoJoin BGs by getting the program to press a macro.


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