AutoQuest Framework

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AutoQuest Framework (Work in Progress)

AutoQuest will be a complete redesigned standalone and expandable framework for my previous and currently out of date addon AutoQuest 2. Based on the original idea of the addon, I am creating a self-sufficient and expandable library to make questing easier. All the same features will remain with new concepts introduced by Blizzard in the release of Cataclysm.

While I begin planning, I invite developers to test and elaborate on the upcoming Alpha version of the framework. The addon will not be fully usable yet and will be lacking many basic features, but it's only still a work in progress. Taking the time to go through all the proper development stages will ensure a stable, efficient release and maintenance of AutoQuest.

Planned Features

  • Seamless integration with Blizzard's default UI
  • Modular design will provide developers with an API used to create standalone addons (using AutoQuest as a library) and customizable plugins.
  • Plug and Play modules will contain instruction for using the API methods defined in the framework. No additional code will be required for performing actions, such as selecting the first quest based on the framework's various algorithms based on AutoQuest 2.
  • Compatibility checks ensure that other non-similar addons will not conflict with AutoQuest or its plugins. If another addon is installed that directly interacts with quest in a similar way that AutoQuest does, the user will be notified and the conflicting feature temporarily disabled.


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