This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This is an alpha test being posted to curse for tracking and sharing with alpha testers. Alpha software is in very early development and will likely contain bugs. Feel free to test out the software and report any issues or suggestions as you see fit. I will do what I can to accommodate most requests within reason. Additionally, if you are an alpha tester have been doing a significant amount of questing with this addon enabled. I ask that you email me a copy of your AutoQuester.lua stored in your global saved variables folder: <path to wow>\WTF\Account\<account name>\SavedVariables\AutoQuester.lua This file will contain discovered quest levels that I can merge with the default cache for better quest level detection in later releases.

This is an ongoing project I have been working on to help with automating questing. It's no secret that after you've done a quest once or twice, you no longer care for the flare that is reading the quest dialogues. This addon helps questing (as well as daily grinding) in several ways:

(hold SHIFT when talking to NPCs to bypass this addons functions.)

  • Auto Acceptance of All quests present on a given NPC simply by talking to NPC. This includes remote quests.
  • Auto Turn-In of ALL quests present on a given NPC simply by talking to NPC. This includes remote quests. The only stipulation is quests that require a reward selection will halt on the selection screen and require manual completion.
  • Automatic NPC dialogue traversal when only 1 dialogue option is present.
  • Automatically select the most valuable reward on the quest completion screen where applicable.
  • Automatic sharing of all shareable quests upon picking up of these quests. This allows multiple players with this addon to pickup and share quests as they move along.
  • Automatic detection and usage of looted items that will start a quest.
  • Use the blizzard tracker "Low Level Quests" to enable support for auto-acceptance of grey level quests.

Backend Stuff:

  • 1. Inter-addon communication to help build a database of quests and their levels. Not all NPCs are forthcoming with the level of the quests they are given and it was determined necessary to maintain a database of quest IDs and their associated levels for better performance of the "Low Level Quest Tracking" feature.
  • 2. The auto-share feature uses the blizzard quest log share quest button. This allows the addon to share quests with those that do not use it. However it may have undesired effects when in a raid group. I plan on doing some sanity checking in a future release to limit these types of complaints.
  • 3. QuestCompletist is an addon that helps you complete every possible quest on a toon. It also maintains a database of quest details. If you have Quest Completed installed, AutoQuester will detect this and import any quest level data available to it's own internal cache.


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