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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.0.1



  • First Cataclysm beta


  • Updated localization


  • Bagnon for WoW 3.3.3, without the guild bank


  • Fixed a typo that resulted in a redbox error when hovering over the guild bank money frame.


  • Maybe if I enable right clicks on the guild bank money frame, you’ll be able to withdraw via right click :P


  • Implemented support for Blizzard’s quest item highlighting in WoW 3.3.3


  • Updated LibItemSearch, adding wardrobe support.
  • Added a potential bugfix for the nil frame settings issue.


  • Added missing externals.


  • Put a fix in for the withdraw bug.


  • Initial guild bank support implemented. Things not supported at the moment: Guild master management & offline viewing.


  • Removed Bagnon_GuildBank. I did not intend on including it quite yet, but my build process did :P


  • Updated TOC for 3.3


  • Added comparison operators to item level and quality searches (you can now do things like q>=rare, q!=0, etc)
  • Added itemlevel searching: ilvl<op><number> (ex, ilvl>200 or ilvl:200)


  • Added new options for item slot colors and item border brightness


  • Added a new option to automatically display your inventory when opening the player frame
  • Added a new frame specific option: Enable bag break layout
  • Fixed a bug causing quest item highlighting to not work properly for non English locales


  • Added support for equipment set searching via s:<setName>
  • Made it easier for me to define new typed searches via Bagnon.ItemSearch.RegisterTypedSearch(typedSearchObj)


  • Updated for 3.2
  • Disabled search text syncing to prevent issues with Chinese clients


  • Fixed a bug causing the options menu to show up when displaying the world map


  • Added a new modifier to search by name: n:search. For example, typing “n:pants” will find all items named “pants”
  • A search without modifiers, ex “gem” will now perform a smart search, like in 1.x versions of Bagnon. For example, typing “gem” will now find items of type “gem” as well as items named “gem”


  • Added a keyring bag back to the inventory’s bag frame. Its hidden by default.
  • Keyring slots are now colored
  • Made text searching global
  • Made the text search box close when the enter key is pressed
  • The searching with uppercase text bug should now be fixed.


  • Localization bugfix


  • Added a new option to disable the options toggle button
  • Adjusted a few default settings for the automatic display of the inventory frame
  • Adjusted priority of quest highlighting so that Uncommon+ items are not marked as quest items
  • Updated localization


  • Added new frame strata options: MEDIUMLOW, MEDIUMHIGH. These are equivalent to Low + Toplevel and Medium + Toplevel
  • Added new option: Display Blizzard bag frames for disabled bags.
  • Added the ability to right click the title frame to display the options menu.


  • Fixed a bug causing it to not be possible to disable auto display settings
  • Fixed a bug causing it to not be possible to search on other characters/your bank when not at the bank
  • Fixed a bug with hiding the default bank frame
  • Made the general options panel a sub panel of the main Bagnon panel. This should hopefully make it easier to spot when configuring frames.


  • Added a bugfix to the default settings clearing code


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Updated localization


  • Added a new options panel to configure automatic display settings for the inventory frame
  • More performance optimizations to the item frame
  • More bug fixes to the item frame


  • Added an assertion to catch the nil slot issue, if it exists.
  • Fixed a bug with item frame event registering causing items to appear to not move, etc
  • Updated localization


  • Added some bugfixes to item event handling
  • Added some bugfixes to broker tooltip handling
  • Updated localization


  • Moved item slot event handling to the item frame.
  • Fixed a display issue with the player selector for undead characters
  • Added in settings to disable the inventory, bank and keyring frames
  • Fixed some bugs related to saving and loading default settings
  • Updated localization


  • Fixed a redbox error from hiding a frame when viewing another character


  • Fixed a bug with frame/border coloring
  • The player filter will now reset to the current player when a frame is closed
  • Made reverse bag slot ordering a per frame setting, instead of a global one
  • Added per frame option: Enable bag frame (disabled for the keyring for semi obvious reasons)
  • Added per frame option: Enable money frame
  • Added per frame option: Enable databroker frame
  • Added per frame option: Enable search frame toggle button


  • Implemented a fix that should resolve the wacky frame position thing
  • Implemented a fix that should resolve the “for limit must be a number” bug
  • Updated localization
  • Added per frame option: Frame Layer – Controls frames appearing above or below other frames.


  • Rewrote saved settings back end to make it easier for me to adjust defaults. Your settings have been reset.
  • Frame settings are now saved on per character basis
  • Global settings (stuff on the main options panel) are saved globally.
  • Adjusted a few default settings (frame border color, frame position)


  • Updated localization
  • Added option: highlight item slots by bag type
  • Fixed a frame display bug when closing frames via pressing escape
  • You can now double click to search once again.


  • Added option: show empty item slot textures
  • Added option: highlight items by quality
  • Added option: highlight quest items
  • Added option: reverse item slot ordering
  • Added option: lock frame positions
  • Added a databroker launcher for Bagnon
  • Fixed a few bugs related to the databroker plugin


  • Started implementaton of the new options menu. Added options for color, border color, columns, spacing, opacity, and scale.
  • Added new slash command, /bgn options
  • Added a button to all frames as a shortcut to the options menu
  • I’m calling this version a beta, since I want more feedback.


  • Reimplemented slash commands: /bgn|/bagnon bank, /bgn bags, /bgn keys, and /bgn version


  • Fixed bank frame tool tips
  • Fixed quality display for certain items
  • Removed a file that was not being called anymore.


  • Fixed bank frame closing
  • Fixed an error when hovering over a bank item when at the bank
  • Fixed an error when clicking on a databroker object with no click event
  • Added sounds when opening/closing frames