This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

I love Bagnon because it is nice and small and has all the functionality i need. Except 2 things actually.

  1. A saved Guild Bank feature ... which i implemented now. (with restrictions)
  2. An account wide search function, so i dont have to scroll through all the bags if i want to find the item i need

I spoke with Tuller and he said that an account wide function is not on his list of plans and he said its ok if i program a little addon that does the trick. The Guild Bank function was considered but i spoke with Jaliborc who is kinda the main programmer/ maintainer for Bagnon now and he said it's not a high prioriy for him because if he would implement it, he wants to do it right with a data sharing function which will be a lot of work.

So i did a quick version, which means there are certain restrictions, which to overcome would require a lot of programming as stated above. The restrictions are as follow :

  • Of course the data from the guild bank, meaning items and your access rights to the tab can change at any time without the addon knowing it, so the search will only be as good as the age of the data that is provided.
  • If you open the guild bank, only the data for the tab you currently are watching will be loaded into wow cache meaning, if you want to refresh all data saved you have to go manually through all the tabs. there seems to be some function to query the data, but i could not find any good documentation on that.
  • The guild bank itself will not be displayed "offline" - the search function uses the last know content but doesnt display the guild bank in any way. So if you click through the locations it will not open a guild bank, but rather only say in the message box what is avail in guild bank.
  • As the display of VoidStorage is not in Bagnon it cannot be displayed as well, but of course this addon will search your void storage and also list it in the tooltip

Since people requested it i added a few additonal functions but i didn't want to add a configuration dialog so it is just done with command lines. The two command lines available are /bas or /bacc, the options are as follows :

  • help - shows all available help
  • simple - toggles simple mode meaning, if you have simple mode on you DON'T have to shift click the button to do an account wide search, it will always be showing (this means doing a regular bag search ONLY is disabled)
  • guild - if guild is set active the search will be only in your guilds Guild Bank, otherwise more guild banks can be searched.
  • faction - if you have guild OFF and multiple banks can be searched it will only access those on your realm, but with this you can configure if you want only same faction guild banks to be searched or also cross faction guild banks.

Ofc this is totally dependend on Bagnon and here is the link to the main addon :

It provides the following functions.

  • Shift+Click the normal search button at any time and the account search frame will open showing you all the items found account wide
  • The tooltip will show you were your items are located as it is a provided functionality by Bagnon itself (this addon adds guild bank items as well now)
  • You can additionally click the items in the search frame and it will open up the bags where it found the stuff, repeated clicks will cycle through all locations
  • Ctrl+Click the search button will toggle between all possible attachment positions
  • Use the slash command /bas or /bacc to immediatley open the Bagnon window and the account search and start typing
  • Now also has a keybind added for the immediate account search under the bagnon keybinds
  • Alt+Click the search button to toggle between the search listing items you have permission to withdraw from guild bank or not (the frame border will be red if you have restricted the search to pages you can access only and green if tabs are also searched which you cannnot access)
  • The tooltip will also now show the items available in guild bank, if you are searching through all tabs it will split the items into avail and unavail, so you can see which of the listed items you can actually get from your guild bank and which ones you cannot

Know problems :

  • if you use a keybind for opening the search frame that is used for typing searches then it will actually go in the search frame upon activation. i personally dont have a problem with that because i use F12 for that search. i tried to eliminate the problem but couldn't find a way to do so, if someone has trouble with it and knows a solution please PM me, thanks

I released this version pretty quick as a release version because i want all people who have Bagnon with Bagbrother to get it right away. Still there can be of course bugs in the release versions, feel free to mail or message me, thanks.

Planned :

  • i want to add localization next since i added a few command lines and they should be localized, so that will come soonish


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