This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This is a very light-weight addon, that cleans the default actionbar and enables you to modify them in many ways.

It uses the default actionbars, so there is no code running in the background or any extra graphics.

I have cut down my FPS by at least 10-20 points, since I use this instead of a fancy action-/unit- bars addon with many custom frames and stuff that I never used anyway.

Very easy to use. There is no option screens to handle. Ready to use out of the box!


  • Cleans the graphics from the bars
  • Move bars anywhere
  • Resize bars
  • Change scale
  • Change alpha
  • Change spacing between buttons
  • Choose the number of buttons to be shown
  • Choose vertical or horizontal direction of bars
  • Dock bars
  • Up to 5 extra actionbars with 12 button each


  1. Bind a key to the "Edit" mode
  2. Hold mouse over any button of the bar you want to modify
  3. Press the bound key to enter "Edit" mode
  4. Make modifications (more info in the tooltip over the bar)
  5. Right-click the orange "B" button (B=Barfix) or press the bound key again to exit the "Edit" mode

To disable any extra part, rename or delete the corresponding file:

Rename or delete "BarFix_BagFrame.lua" to disable the bag frame.
Rename or delete "BarFix_Minimap.lua" to disable the minimap frame customization.
Rename or delete "BarFix_PlayerFrame.lua" to disable the player frame customization.
Rename or delete "BarFix_TargetFrame.lua" to disable the target frame customization.
Rename or delete "BarFix_ExtraBars.lua" to disable the extra action bars.

For more information and version History, read the included Readme.txt file.


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