BetterEXP v3.0

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

BetterEXP v3.0 by Darxide of Eredar
Modified from v2 by Zynna
Originally by Arronax and Sabar

BetterEXP is an experience bar mod that provides much more than just your
current exeperience amount.


  • Top bar broken up into 20 "bubbles" divided just like Blizzard's default
    experience bar for easy communication with non-BetterEXP users.
  • Bottom bar shows your progress through the current "bubble." This allows
    you to easily track your progress at higher levels where each bubble
    represents 10s of thousands of experience points.
  • Calculates your average experience per kill and displays the number of
    estimated kills you have before your next level.
  • Customizable colors for each bar. Your current experience count is one
    color while your rested experience can be a second color so you can
    easily see where your rested experience will end, unlike Blizzard's
    default bar which shows a small, easy to miss icon where your rested
    will end.
  • Resizable to fit any custom UI layout.
  • All /commands easily accessable from a drop down menu by right clicking
    on the bar.

Slash Commands:

/bexp lock - lock exp bar
/bexp unlock - unlock exp bar
/bexp ncolor - change the color of the exp bar when not rested
/bexp rcolor - change the color of the exp bar when rested
/bexp bcolor - change the color of the "bubble" exp bar
/bexp defaultcolors - revert the colors to default values
/bexp size - change the size of the exp bar
/bexp reset - resets average exp counter



  • Aaaaand, we're back!

  • Updated TOC

  • Minor bug fixes

06/05/07 - BETA

  • BETA! Use at your own risk.

  • Hides Blizzard's default experience bar (and the little gryphons)

  • New option added to reset the average exp counter in cases where
    it is no longer accurate (you switched areas and get a lot more
    experience per kill than you had been)


  • The bar should now display behind other graphics such as backpacks
    instead of displaying on top of them.

  • Updated the German translation thanks to Togo on the


  • Updated the TOC file to reflect version 2.1 of WoW. BetterEXP should no
    longer show as "Out of Date"


  • Now when you reset the colors to their default values, they actually change
    back to the default colors rather than the ugly pastels it was before.
  • Updated the initilization message to reflect the new version number.
  • Rewrote the README.TXT file to be more informative.


  • Fixed the Interface version in the .TOC file so it no longer reads the
    mod as 'out of date'


  • New version v2.1
  • Fixed issue that if you had Rested XP you could not see your Current XP.


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