The BigWigs team is looking for another developer to join us on GitHub.


  • Must be on our IRC channel (#bigwigs on FreeNode) as much as possible, preferably 24/7. Being reachable by other developers is very important.
  • A light knowledge on Lua and light knowledge of the undocumented (The API is now documented on the GitHub Wiki) BigWigs API, we're not looking for a professional. You've probably coded some small things in the past for your guild or others. Maybe a custom BigWigs module, maybe a boss specific addon. Remember, you code something to work first and foremost, then optimize and clean up the code later - we won't kill you for bad code. You will learn from us.
  • Participating in an end-game guild, having killed Mythic Archimonde in September-2015 or earlier would be the main goal here. We need someone who will be raiding end content ASAP and contributing changes to BigWigs modules as they are needed/discovered.
  • English: The development team uses English to communicate, you don't need to be fluent, but we need to be able to understand each other.


  • Smile, you're improving the gaming experience for thousands of people every day!
  • You're contributing towards a viable alternative to other poorly executed boss mod projects.
  • A friendly, non-toxic developer environment. We're all friends here. We even have our own resident IRC peon we can blame if anything ever goes wrong! (/hug Mr. Stanzilla)
  • The thrill of problem solving. If you've developed anything in the past, you're probably already familiar with the thrill of figuring something out that has been bugging you for a while. This is especially true for debugging certain boss encounters and working around poorly implemented Blizzard systems (e.g. missing events).
  • Free Curse Premium and beta keys via becoming a Curse addon author.

Interested? Join us on IRC and let us know! A bit shy? PM me here on curseforge instead :)

Don't think you're up to the task? Join us on IRC anyway! You can still help us improve BigWigs by providing input towards future features and changes.