This addon will allow you to save your current keybinds as a profile, which you name and can create a description for (no description required). These profiles are account based, which means that you can access the same profiles on any of your characters on the same account.

Inclueds the ability to edit keybinds by simply mousing over the actionbar slot and pushing the desired keybind. This option is enabled by clicking the "Edit Keybinds" button in the bottom right of the addon screen. (Requires LibKeyBound-1.0)

I developed it because I personally enjoy being able to change my keybinds depending on if I am raiding, pvping, or leveling a new character. And while it is not overly painstaking to change your keybinds, I created this addon so it could be done with a click of one button. Also allows for switching keybindings between different people playing on an account. By that I mean that if a friend logs on and changes a bunch of your keybinds to better fit how he/she plays and then you log on and your keybinds are all messed up, you can open Binder up and load your personal profile and everything is fixed just like that.



Features I plan to add sometime in the future...

  • Re-arrange by dragging profiles with-in the selection frame
  • Rename existing profiles and edit their descriptions
  • Allow for auto switching when Talent Specialization is changed
  • ......suggestions welcome, anything I can do to improve the addon.

Features already implemented:

  • Save over an old profile instead of create a new one and delete the old one
  • Allow minimap button to be locked to the minimap or a moved anywhere on the screen
  • Remove limit of 2 keybinds per action (Limited only by blizzard now)


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