Bloody Add-on

Have you ever played your Blood Death Knight and wished you had a really pretty GUI that showed you stuff like your blood shield, or bone shield, or any other type of internal organ shield?

Well, good news everyone! Bloody Add-on, masterfully painted by the talented trollgirl, will do all of the above, and more

Current features:

  • Big red bar showing your current amount and remaining duration of Blood Shield
  • Smallish bones showing the charges of your Bone Shield
  • Bloody little sword showing the remaining duration on your Dancing Rune Weapon
  • Some drops of blood showing the remaining duration on your Vampiric Blood
  • Ice shard showing the remaining duration on your Icebound Fortitude with... extra effects
  • Graphics made of 70% blood and 30% awesome!
  • You can move it around, too!

Future features maybe:

  • Shadow of Death
  • Something or another showing Anti-Magic Shell, maybe, not sure

Need any feature that isn't listed here? Want a similar type of add-on for your own class/ spec? Let us know in the comments!


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