This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Buffin is a click-able reminder for you to cast your buffs out of combat for all classes. It's smart and can work out what buffs you can cast on yourself and your allies for you to fulfill your role BEFORE you pull. Buffin is good for you if:

  • you ever forget to apply buffs,
  • you don't like having multiple buttons when you could have one,
  • you don't like tracking if any of your buffs are missing on others,
  • you need more in-combat feedback than the Blizzard spell-alerts,

Current features

  1. Movable, sizeable, keybindable icon showing Buffin's next choice of spell for you to buff.
  2. Clicking the button or keybind casts the spell.
  3. Spells are chosen based on either your presets or Buffin's dynamic choices which are usually based on your spec, group composition and PvP status.
  4. Settings can be saved as profiles allowing you to switch between different setups with ease (or even greater ease if you include my other project SetTheory).
  5. Some in-combat reminders and trackers (for things that proc or should be kept up in combat but which are not shown in the SpellActivationOverlay).

Buffin can track

  • Self buffs, e.g. seals and auras.
  • Group buffs, e.g. blessings, mark of the wild.
  • Single group buffs e.g. beacon of light, fear ward, soulstone.
  • Pets.
  • Temporary weapon enchants e.g. poisons, shaman enchants.
  • Flasks

For details per class see Things Buffin Tracks

To do:

  • Better hunter pets

Frequently Asked Questions.

Ok so I've installed your stupid addon, what now?

You should probably start by moving the button somewhere useful and checking out the 'Options' tab in the configuration dialog presented you after typing /buffin . It's possible that Buffin will automatically choose the correct buffs for you to cast, if not you can configure these options on the 'Buffs' tab.

How does 'Dynamic' work?

It chooses a spell based on usually your spec, group composition and role within that group. For example it will choose Blessing of Might over Blessing of Kings for paladins to buff when a druid is in the group. It isn't greedy and leaves other peoples' buffs active if that buff fills the same role and is active on everyone.


Much like any software Buffin responds to the following stimuli

  • Try kicking it (/buffin force)
  • Try resetting it (/buffin profiles reset, /reload)

Spell definitions for out of combat buffing are very mature for all classes. In-combat tracking definitions are very mature for paladins though most other classes need work. If you would like something added please let me know.

I hope you enjoy using Buffin, however, if your experience is lessened due to the presence of random features of the code please make a ticket.


The debt owed to the creator of ZOMGBuffs (Zeksie) is two-fold. Firstly it's provided the idea for some of the surface functionality in Buffin and secondly I would have literally gone insane without it. Morgalm has helped in a variety of ways.


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