This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Bug Me Not is an AddOn with the goal to bug you less.
AUTO-CANCELLING: BMN can auto-cancel duel invites, group invites, guild invites, guild charter signature requests.
AUTO-IGNORE: BMN can automatically block and ignore people who do it unasked.
AUTO-REPLY: BMN can send custom auto-replies can be send to the "offender".
AUTO-ACCEPT: BMN can auto-accept incomign duel and party requests from friends and guild members.


New configuration GUI, no more slashcommands
Auto-accept duels and parties from friends/guild.



Type /bugmenot setup or /bmn setup to configure options.


To temporarily disable BMN use: /bmn skip (amount: 1-9) -- disables BMN for the next (amount) of actions BMN would normally prevent.
/bmn skip 0 -- ends skip and resumes normal operation.
So if you have group invited set to REJECT or IGNORE and want to allow the next group invite, use /bmn skip 1. If the next action BMN catches is actually a group invite, it will allow it and then resumes normal operation.


There are two methods of blocking in BugMeNot: OPTION REJECT: Just rejects the specific action. OPTION IGNORE: Rejects the action and puts the originator on your ignore list. If messaging is enabled it will sends the reject or ignore message to the originating player. The other options should be self-explanatory


When installed, the following options will be pre-set per character:
  • REJECT duels
  • ALLOW invites
  • PERMIT guildmembers
  • PERMIT friends
  • AUTO-ACCEPT disabled
  • DISABLED auto-whisper on rejects/ignores
  • REJECT guild invites
  • REJECT guild charter signature requests
  • DISABLED verbose, its silent by default
  • DISABLED auto-accept options.


BugMeNot only supports english and german at the moment.
The addon should run on clients with a different language but will be all in english.
I really like to add SPANISH or FRENCH but would need someone to help with the localisation. If your realm is german (and BMN knows that) the default messages will be loaded in german otherwise in english.
If your client is german the addon will run with german localisation otherwise fall back to english.


The BugMeNot GUI doesn't work when you're also running GuildLaunchProfiler


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