Calendar Alt Tracker

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


I created this mod for myself to assist in finding people for alt raids. Calendar events are limited in that you can only see who has accepted / declined an event. They don't show online status, nor do they show what role (healer/tank/melee/range dps) a person is assigned as. Calendar Inviter was an addon that added this functionality to it, however it only tracked people on the calendar event. Since calendar events can only hold 100 people, I could not add everyone and their alts for the addon to check. I created this addon with a UI modeled after Calendar Inviter that would allow me to check the online status of everyone that I added, instead of just those on the calendar event.

This addon can check quite a few number of people in only a few seconds. At the time of this writing, I can check the status of 280 people in about 10 seconds.


  • Each person can be added as an alt of another person.
  • Can select a main and off spec role for each person (None / Melee / Ranged / Heal / Tank)
  • Add notes to players.
  • Send individual players or entire roster to another person / guild / raid if they have the mod as well.
  • Display in a few ways:
    • Group people up by account or individual.
    • Sort by Online Status, Main Spec, Off Spec, Class, Name, and Calendar Status (when you open a calendar event)
    • Sorting done by 5 criteria in any order you wish, ascending or descending on each.
    • Filter by Name and Role.
    • Highlights people that are already in the raid.


Opening the Tracker

  • Type one of the following:
    • /cat
    • /caltt
    • /calendaralttracker
  • Click on the minimap button

Adding / Editing Alts

  • Click on the Options button in the main window
  • Go to Raiders section to add or edit raider alts.

Checking Online Status

  • Click on the Check button, and select the role of people to check.
  • To check a single individual (and his alts), click on a person, and select 'check'

Sending alt info to another Player, Party, Raid or Guild

  • Only people with Calendar Alt Tracker will be able to receive the data.
  • Click on 'Send All To' , and select Player, Party, Raid or Guild
  • To send a single individual (and his alts), click on a person and select Player, Party, Raid or Guild.

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