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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

I am no more raiding, but still wanna keep this addon alive, so again, PLEASE, report any bug/problem as curse comment or curseforge ticket.

this will help.

What is this?

This is nothing more than the name tells. Another panel, that opens near the blizz calendar event panel, that gives you more information about the players. Before forming raid, u can know: -who is online and who is not (instant for guildies and friends, periodically performs whois on offguild players) -who is on an alt (checks guild note and friendlist, supports auldlangsyne addon) -which role (tank ranged melee heal) is each invited player (players are marked manually, this marking is saved thru sessions, supports multiple specs) -how many u have for each role for the selected raid size (10/25) -who is already in your raid -history of signups (sorted, most recent last) -who is signed, but has a low rank, so doesnt have spot granted -who signed in the last X minutes (configurable) It does support both invite-events and guild-wide-events (guild events tested just a bit) If you are not event owner, the apply buttons has no effect, but you can still invite ppl.

How can i use it?

U can just install this and use it pasively, just doing the thing the way u are used. You will just have some extra info on the side. Else, as raid leader, there are 2 ways of using it: -the first is to check the players you choosen and then press APPLY. This will mark other players as STANDBY, and will let you do a invite from blizz calendar -the second is to perform invite within the CalendarInvite itself. the only difference (apart from addon beign bugged in converting to raid) is that this time addon will whisper alts announcing invite

There are known bugs?

Many. More than bugs, they are things i didnt fixed, coz the software was ment to remain private. Most are relative to frame behaviour, some to raid inviter, prob the offguild whois checks can also be better. Hope making it public will improve this.

Does this addon require a widescreen?

No, but its designed for a widescreen display-ratio. I developed it for myself and my guildleader. Both have 24", so i did it like this. The frame is clamped to screen (which means it wont move out of the view area), but probably you will get some frames overlapping. Solutions could be movable frame, scale blizz calendar, move frame over the calendar or.... buy a new monitor ;)

Why it was so badly configurable?

Coz at start i developed it for my guild only. Now it comes with full ingame gui for the options, so it a bit more user-frienldy some stuff is still hardcoded so it suits my needs (like the brackets in auldlangsyne comments) - guild alts: ALL alts must be tagged in guild description with the alt pattern (default prefix "Alt: ") addon will strip pattern, then pick the first word as mainchar name - friends with auldlangsyne addon: must set a note for each friend with main closed with round brackets, like "(Nameofmain)" - friends with blizzard notes: must set a note for each friend with main name with no brackets or whatever


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