FAQ/Database Scan

What is it and why is there a database?

Can I Mog It? uses a database to save all of the transmog appearances that your character knows. We have to create our own because Blizzard's API does not allow access to known appearances for characters that you are not currently logged on to.

In the picture below you can see how Blizzard's default tooltip says the appearance is not collected, while Can I Mog It? says it is. This is made possible by the database.


Why do I need to log on to all of my characters?

In order for our database to learn all of the appearances that your account knows we need you to log on to all characters to ensure that our database can record them. Each character and class has access to different items due to various restrictions of the transmog system. Logging onto every character ensures that all of them will be properly added.

Why does it scan every time I start my game or reload?

This is a failsafe to catch any appearances you might have learned or unlearned when the addon was disabled. For example you decided to test how your game ran with all addons off and ran a dungeon and earned some loot. Can I Mog It? needs to scan to learn those appearances because you learned them when the addon was disabled.

Why does it take so long to scan?

We tested with instant scans, but it crashed (Error #134) some user's games, so we had to add in a throttle. This means that especially for players with large amounts of known appearances, the scan can sometimes be lengthy. Currently you can change some values in the constants.lua file to speed it up and we are planning to add an option to adjust it.

How do I speed up the scan?

  1. Open constants.lua in World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\CanIMogIt
  2. Find Database scan speed values
  3. Remove -- in front of a different set of scan speed values
  4. Add -- in front of the Medium scan speed values

This change will need to made every time you update the addon until we add it to the options menu. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why is it removing items when the database scan finishes?

Either you have sold or traded an item that had a timer on it and therefore unlearned the appearance or you logged onto another character while the timer is still active. Your other characters do not have access to appearances until the timer expires.

However, if it is a large number and happens on every log-in it may be related to a bug that happened with patch 7.3.5 where Blizzard accidentally removed some appearances. When they were then re-added, our database print became confused and now displays a holdover number. See Ticket #135. The only way we know of to fix this print is to reset your database and start from scratch again, re-logging onto all of your characters. We are sorry for the inconvenience.