This Add-on it's designed to display any damage meter as overlay in a configurable data text. The overall idea is you don't need to have your damager meter window open on your screen.

The damage meters currently support are Recount, Details!, Skada, TinyDPS & Numeration, you need at least one of those running.

<small>example on the screen</small>

The datatext could be customize via a tag system to display several values, from your DPS or % of your raid damage to the raid overall healing, the configuration menu provide options to change this or even choose one of the dozen of pre-configured formats.

<small>example datatext</small>

<small>datatext configuration options</small>

When you mouse over the datatext an overlay will show with the detail information from you raid/group. You could choose different information for this overlay in the configuration menu.

<small>example overlay</small>

The datatext could be used in Tukui, Elvui or your favourite LDB broker as Chocolate Bar, but you don't need any of those Add-On to use Cecile_MeterOverlay.

<small>Tukui example</small>

<small>Elvui example</small>

<small>ChocolateBar example </small>

This Add-On includes a built-in floating datatext that your could place anywhere in the screen, this could be personalize in several ways using the configuration menu.

<small>floating datatext options</small>

Includes a module that will save encounter records, but only if you have DBM or BigWigs. You could configure it to auto announce the new records into the game chat.

<small>records options</small>

You could browse your stored records with a custom window that will allow yo to report them any time.

<small>records browser</small>

You could right click on the datatext to pop up the configuration tool, alternatively you could use the slash commands: /cmo or /cecile_mo. Configuration is saved using the profile system and can change per spec switch

NOTE:This Add-On is not for displaying the damage meter in the right chat of Elvui or Tukui, this is done via AddOnSkin by Azilroka.

Created by Cecile - Zul'jin - EU
Details! support by shadowphoenix
Numeration support by ckaotik


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