This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Discontinued... See ChatMod2 for the continuation of this.

ChatMOD is a universal Chat Enhancemend.
Original this was called "Sol's Color chat Nicks - SCCN" but after many people told me that they hardly find this mod I decided to rename it to it's actual purpose.

So What can ChatMOD do for me ?

ChatMOD provides many features which makes chatting / communication InGame much easier. To grab some examples: It color the nicknames of chat participants in their class color, stores this information in a database, provide modificaton of the chatframe like mouse scrolling, button hiding, chat editbox movement, channel name striping, channel name shortening, text highlighting, sound notifications, and many many more. The target was to build one Addon which contain the most important chat enhancements. So for the user it is easier to update one Addon than updating 10 addons after each patch.

Will this Addon be Updated steadily ?
More or less, Yes. But as every Addon author I'm doing this in my sparetime besides the Gameplay itself. So on first priority is my Druid on EU-Aegwynn but because I'm started to develop this Addon in the beginning for my own purpose I will update it as long as I'm plaing wow. And at the moment I don't have any plan to quit ;) So If you have any Suggestions or wan't to offer any support, feel free to contact me.

I Tuloa have taken over for Solariz who can no longer maintain the mod. As such I will update this mod whenever I can for any issues I see. See below for reporting bugs and such.


  • Color the chatters nicknames in their class color
  • Option to hide Channel names ([Guild] [Party]) from chat
    - Optinally shorten the Channel names [Guild]=[G]
  • Mousewheel scrolling in chat window
    - Mousewheel jumps to top / bottom
    - Mousewheel scrolls 5 lines up/down
  • Option to relocate Chateditbox to top of the chatframe
  • Clickable Hyperlinks, ready for Copy & Paste (URL, IP, TS2, Emails)
  • Colors raidmember's map pin's in their class color on Map
    - Colors raidmember's map pin's in their class color on BG Minimap
  • Fully customizable Timestamps with HTML color codes
  • Option to Highlight own nickname in chat messages
    - specify up to three custom highlight words
    - bring highlighted sentences on centered Screen
  • Whisper Target Function. Whispers your current target (/wt)
  • Keybindings for /say /raid /g /party /yell /6 /7 /8 /o /wt
  • Option to hide Chat Buttons
  • makes invite calls in chat clickable [invite] (invites on click)
  • Option to increase the Editbox scrollback (history) buffer
  • Option to use arrowkeys without pressing in chat editbox
  • Auto Skip Gossip Pages at NPC's
    - This can temporary disabled by holding key while talking to a NPC or switch it off in menue
  • Auto Dismount on Flightmaster (Taxi)
  • Chat notifications by sound


For details see the README.html in the ChatMOD Addon directory.

InGame Slash Commands ?

type /chatmod for GUI or "/chatmod help" for General Help

For a detailed description what slash commands exists and how to use them in a proper way please visit the Project Website there is a documentation online.

Bug & Feature Reports:
Bug And Feature Requests should be handled here by placing requests in the comments or a Ticket if there and Bug Reports on the Ticket Page.
Solariz doesn't have time or play the game so I (TULOA) am handling updates as I use this mod alot ^_^.

Special Note

Like all Mod authors I develop this mod in my sparetime and can't give any function guarantee. You don't have to praise me for this mod I only ask you frankly to give me a good vote at curse gaming to appreciate my work. Just one click above ! If you use it please Vote! If you like it please recommend to others.

There are two ways to donate.
1) Here to the original author.
2) The WoWInterface Site here to donate to me Tuloa.


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