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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

The click-to-move feature is useful, but a pain to turn on/off, requiring you open program options and [un]check a box on the Mouse tab. In some situations, that is unacceptable. This addon lets you control click to move with a /slash command, which can be added to a macro. The command can toggle the current state, force it on or off, and set the state to use during combat. Click-to-move - right click on anything and your player moves to it, and then "interacts" with it. You can be mounted, shape-shifted, and in battle; how you interact depends on what you have clicked on. A vendor or mailbox will open, or you can start combat with an enemy. The advantages of using click-to-move:
  • Frees you to travel long distances without having to "drive" the entire time.
  • Click on an enemy target and move into attack range and attack. This is usually melee, but hunters will move in to the maximum ranged attack distance, assuring an attack from the maximum range.
  • Click on an NPC, move to interaction range, then interact. This includes Quest-Givers, vendors, etc., their dialog windows will open automatically when within range, and, if you have an addon that provides auto-turn-in, -accept, -sell, those actions will be activated, too.
Don't use Click-to-Move (IMHO):
  • In combat - a stray right click can move you out of position or run you into another group of mobs.
    • NOTE: V1.1 will turn Click-to-Move off during combat, and then back on again.
  • * Interacting with other players, trade, etc. Too easy to miss the other player and start running away.
Do use it:
  • Swimming out to an island
  • Flying across areas - you can click on things you cannot see.
  • Long runs in general: the Gold Road, for example.
New in V1.1:
  • /ctm ? -- prints current settings
  • /ctm [on|off] combat -- state for Click-to-Move during battle
  • /ctm help -- prints simple help


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