This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Automatically zoom the camera view to user defined views when entering and leaving combat. Also has an option (LeapCam, added in v4.3.1) to re-orient the camera after a charge (warrior, feral druid), skull bash (feral druid) or a rogue's shadowstep. Supports three custom camera views that can be set in the config, any of which can be used as your automatic combat view. These custom views can be activated by slash commands and can be put into macros.

Note on LeapCam: The effect will take place on the NEXT spell cast detected AFTER your charge/shadowstep. This prevents the camera from changing too soon (ie. before your character has turned to face the target.)

CombatCam and LeapCam are disabled by default. Type /combatcam or /ccam to access the config window. Here you can set your camera views and enable the automatic Cams. note: the auto Cams need not be enabled in order to set and use views manually using the addon config and the addon's slash commands.


WoW has 5 preset views. You can cycle through them using the [Home] and [End] keys, or bind keys to save and activate them. CombatCam lets you change all but one (first person view) of these views in it's config, even if you do not enable the combat camera. These views are set globally across all characters on a given WoW installation, so changing them on one character will affect all characters. Any changes to the preset views will remain in effect even if CombatCam is disabled or uninstalled.

Slash Commands:

- opens config window
/ccam 0
- zoom in to first person view
/ccam [def/1/2/3]
- zoom to default view or one of the other views
/ccam [c1/c2/c3]
- set which view to use in combat

Credits: this mod was inspired by Dynamic Camera written by ChaosInc. I wanted something simple and straightforward that only involved combat to give a "final fantasy" feel to the game when you aggro something.

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