ConsoleCalc - Calculator

Sick of all those calculators with an UI?

This addon adds simple calculator functionality to the console, nifty for people who don't have a calculator nearby and don't want to use bulky addons.
So, if you want to calculate how much each prospect of a full stack of 47.7g worth of ore would cost, just type:
/ca 47.7/4


/ca [expression] : Calculates expression (ie. 4+2) and returns the result.
If the expression has no leading number (ie +2), it performs the operation on the previous result.
If no expression given, outputs the last result.
Expressions must use Lua syntax.
/cm [number] : Saves the given number to memory. If none given, uses the last result.
/cr : Returns the number saved in memory, and sets it as the last result.
/cch : Displays this help.

Kudos to the original Author Patrick Cyr.


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