This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

2.0c: (latest change)

  • Fixed a Lua error caused by a change in the latest patch
  • TOC bump to 60000 (i.e. it's no longer marked "out of date".)


  • Added item counting. Items such as cloth can now be counted by Consolid8 instead of appearing in the chat.
  • Added a settings panel to the Interface Options screen. This allows you to choose items to be counted, and access all the other settings.
  • Fixed a bug with the report dialog.



Reputation with Wyrmrest Accord increased by 13.
Reputation with Wyrmrest Accord increased by 13.
Your share of the loot is 5 Silver, 10 Copper.
Reputation with Wyrmrest Accord increased by 13.
Reputation with Wyrmrest Accord increased by 13.
You receive loot: [Thick Fur Clothing Scraps].
Your share of the loot is 1 Gold, 13 Silver, 52 Copper.

Wait a minute, I want to see my party chat!
Everyone who's been in a dungeon probably knows the feeling. This text is meaningless, as nobody's going to keep count, and it's flushing your party or guild chat out of the log.

Consolid8 takes these messages and more, filters them, and only shows the important ones. The rest are counted up and summarised in a tooltip, and/or a report that appears when you finish your dungeon. This is how:

  • Reputation:
    Consolid8 counts the reputation that you gain, and displays it in the report. (Note: Consolid8 does not remove the reputation messages from your chat; to remove them, right-click the chat tab and click settings.)
  • Loot:
    When you loot a grey item, Consolid8 adds its vendor value to a total.
    Items that you get a lot of, like cloth, Vrykul Bones, etc. are counted up (you can choose these items in the Interface Options).
    Money loot is also counted up.
    These messages are then hidden from your chat frame. Also, loot messages about other players (except loot rolls and wins) are hidden.
  • Honor and Experience:
    These are also counted.
  • Crafting:
    When you craft more than one item, Consolid8 counts how many you make and how many skill-ups they give you, and only displays two messages. For example:

    Your skill in Tailoring has increased to 76.
    You create: [Woolen Cape].
    Your skill in Tailoring has increased to 77.
    You create: [Woolen Cape].


    Your skill in Tailoring has increased to 77 (+2).
    You create: [Woolen Cape]x2.

A button is added over your chat frame, and optionally on a broker display (you can move or hide it if you like). Hovering over this will show a tooltip with the counts on it. Also, a report is automatically displayed when you leave a dungeon, showing all of your gains from that dungeon.

Slash command: /consolid8
Switches: reset, report, show, hide

Source code on GitHub.

Other addons for hiding chat messages
NeedyGreedy - Handles loot roll messages
QuestSpamFilter - Reduces the messages from sharing quests.


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