This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

There seem to be some bugs. I am trying to fix them. If you find any, please let me know.

Contest is an addon designed to allow players to create their own collecting contests for gathering, such as fishing, mining, and herbing. It allows the raid leader to create a contest, specify what items give points, and the duration of the contest. Players can join the contest by joining the raid and having the addon on their computer. The addon will keep track of the items gathered by each contestant and how much time they have left. When the contest is over, it will rank everyone's score and show it to them.

User Interface

A user interface has been added in to make it easier to make and run a contest. Each frame is movable and will stay where you place it.

How to Use

Step 1

Make sure you are not in a raid group. When you are alone, type "/raidcontest create" to create a contest. If you get a message saying you are already in a contest, then type "/raidcontest cancelcontest" to get rid of the old contest and try again.

The create command will bring up the contest setup frame.

Step 2

You can set the contest parameters in two ways: through slash commands or the setup UI. Currently, you cannot do it with both at the same time.

With UI

Setting up a contest with the UI is pretty straight forward. You will be able to add items with shift click to the item name edit box in version 2-6.

To remove an item from the list, select it and click the delete button. Selecting an item on the list also lets you change the points that item is worth. Just change the value in the score box and click edit.

Currently, there is a limit of 10 items on the item list with the setup frame. The reason is that the table library I used cannot be given more rows once it is made. I am going to be working on this for later versions.

Once you have all of the items and times set, click continue to go to the next step.

With Slash Commands

You can add items to the collection list by typing "/raidcontest additem " and then use the item link of the item you want to add.

To set the duration of the contest, you can either type "/raidcontest setlength <hour> <minute> <second>" where <hour> <minute> <second> are the number of hours, minutes, and seconds for the contest to last. It is entered the same way a clock is set up, but without the ":". Also, minutes and seconds cannot be equal to or greater than 60.

Examples: for a 30 minute contest: "/raidcontest setlength 0 30 0" For a 1 hour and 15 minute contest "/raidcontest setlength 1 15 0"

The other way is to set hours, minutes, and seconds individually with "/raidcontest sethours", "/raidcontest setmins", and "/raidcontest setsecs". Do not bother to enter a 0 value, because that is the default.

Once you have all the items entered and a duration set, type "/raidcontest invitestate". This will let you enter a state so you can invite others to the contest group. However, in this state, the item list and duration cannot be changed. In this state, you can invite people to a group and convert it to a raid. Currently the addon check is not complete, so make sure everyone in the group has the addon before starting.

Step 3

Once your are in the invite state, the score frame and the leader setup frame, if you are the contest leader. The leader setup frame should list everyone in your raid group, once you make it, and will tell you if they have the addon or not (assuming it works). It also should show you the results of a ready check to see who is ready to start the contest. Once your are ready to start, click the start button.

The score frame will list all of the items for the contest, how much each is worth, and how many you have gathered so far. It also shows your remaining time at the top of the score frame. On the bottom is your total score. Below is an image of the score frame for your reference.

Score Frame

Step 4

From the leader setup frame you can start the contest by clicking the "Start" button. You can also use the "/raidcontest start" to do the same thing. Either way, this will signal the addons of the group members that the contest has started. Items gathered after that will count for points, until time runs out.

Step 5

When the contest ends, the final score frame will appear with the final results. To leave the contest, click the Leave button.


Will be implemented in version 2-6 One of the problems with a contest is disconnection. When that happens, the reconnected participant has to get their data on the contest synched back up with everyone else. For the most part, this is scores and time. The recovery feature will automatically handle this for a player that disconnects, either by synching up with the other participants or, if the contest has ended or the player is no longer in the raid group, by ending the contest for the player. In both cases, the player will be notified of what has happened and will be set up appropriately.

Features still underwork

  • Disconnection recovery.
  • Contest Time synch: There is some issue of clients having different times on their contest clock. I am working on a synch message that will go out periodically to fix this. There is another method I might try that will not require any more messages.


Thank you to Crypta, Draziwtaerg, Riverdawg, and Tiffarlenna for helping me do a group test of RaidContest and for all their encouragement.


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