This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


the coordinate system for the database was changed from zone-local to "global" (continent-local) in 0.3 Updating might lead to a loss of data. I'm very sorry, if someone already put much work into his own npc database. (it's a beta still for a reason, things might change). I added a very tiny function to convert some of those regions that cannot be converted automagically ... but my old system is flawed, so a change had to come. Sorry.

How To Use

  • Targeting and Interacting - Normal Use
    • After installing and activating DailyNPC, set a key for the addon (it has it's own very small section).
    • If there is an npc already close to you and the DailyNPC frame lists him first, push the button you bound for DailyNPC and it will target that npc.
    • The small exclamationmark in the titlebar of DailyNPC means, you can push the button again to interact with your target.
  • Adding a new npc
    • Target the npc
    • Move your character to the position of that npc (DailyNPC can only fetch the players position at this time)
    • Rightclick the title bar of DailyNPC, a popup should appear. Select: "Add Target"
  • Removing or update an npc
    • Right-click the npc in the DailyNPC-frame and select Remove or Set Position respectively


This addon tries to solve one very common problem, the daily quest npcs are sometimes visually blocked by other players and you cannot right-click to accept or deliver quests. This addon will provide a small tool that will show small frame with the name of a nearby npc in interact distance - if it was added in the addons database. When you click on that name, the target will be targeted (by a macro-like call, except it will not use any macro-slots).

If you so choose, you can bind a key to target the first npc in the list (multiple npcs can be shown) and when that npc on top of the list is your current target (which it should be after you pressed the key and that npc is really there) the key you bound will by default be usable as an interact-key as well (there will be an option later where you can turn that off).


  • keybinding available, one key fits all ... okay, mostly all you need.
  • movable frame (to see what the current npc is for targeting)
  • a small indicator behind the title "DailyNPC", "." = target first npc in list, "!" = interact
  • adding, removing or update position of npcs


There is a minor nuisance though: This addon uses functions and frames, which are protected by Blizzard, so whenever you are in combat, this addon will not be able to change the names in the list (showing, hiding, adding, removing), nor will it change keybindings (neither from targeting to interacting nor the other way around). I hope it will not break everything when you are in combat. I tested it until it didn't throw any errors anymore on my setup ... however experience may differ.

Apart from that, this addon does not really have any purpose, if you're on a dead server with nobody around ... or you have already bound a key to interact and had no problems to target the npcs.

Also, not every single npc should or will be included in the database (at least not by me).

Feature Requests

Feature requests might be fulfilled, if I think the proposed feature is useful, small enough and I have the time to include it.

Planned Features

Short term:

  • more options that are visible to the user, I don't really like building ui, so this may take some while
  • include a list by default of all npcs in MoP

Long term:

  • some kind of zone-dependant and temporary npc feature, that allows an entry to show wherever you are, for that bitchy little npcs that follow you everywhere (shado-pan dailies, black-nosed marmots)
  • extra addon for a pre-defined database and an import function in the main addon? - not sure about that one ^^


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