I am no longer maintaining this AddOn!  The functionality of this AddOn is now part of Deadly Boss Mods.  This is here only for historical puprposes.


Use DBM-EventSoundPack for the media files that were packaged with this AddOn:




Thats right guys, we're back! After a three year hiatus, I've fixed the addon so it'll work with WoW 6.1 and DBM 6. I'm now tracking this project at https:github.com/tcprescott/DBM-VictorySound. Please submit any issue tickets there as well


Plays a victory or defeat song when exiting combat with a boss recognized by Deadly Boss Mods. It will also play a song when entering combat which will loop until a victory or defeat song is played. This song can also be ended by typing "/killvs" into your chatbox.

This is 100% configurable ingame. Simply open the DBM GUI (via /dbm, etc) and goto the options tab. Click on "Victory Sound" and configure it to your liking. If you wish to add your own songs, just drag the .wav, .mp3, or .ogg file to the "sounds" folder and type the name of the file in the provided edit box. Please note that you must completely exit and re-enter World of Warcraft before you can play the sound file.

Known Issues

Victory and Defeat music is really soft. I'll probably run these thru Audacity and up the volume on the clips for the next release.

Plans for the future:

Add ability to add entries to the dropdown menu automatically. Add ability to pick sounds to play at random from pre-determined lists. Update this addon so it doesn't eat gobs of memory.


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