WotLK Mods r40


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    Apr 30, 2013
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Supported Game Versions

  • 5.2.0


#Update all remaining ICC mods target scanning to new more accurate method
#Change many ICC warnings to generics and removed tons of unneeded localization

#Lich King Updates:
*Lich king mod was kind of a mess. sync method for plague hops is not going to work. they still don't show in combat log, but lets try UNIT_AURA.
*removed tons and tons of redundant or obsolete code and switch to better more current methods.
*Saw many false positive shadow traps tonight, but hopefully with some timing tweaks and new methods, that should be resolved as well.
*If you are level 90, ignore remorseless winter warnings, level 90s flat out stand in it and dps the lich king.

new UNIT_AURA method in lich king mod not yet tested, so this release is a beta until I can verify it's functionality.