WotLK Mods r46


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    May 24, 2013
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Supported Game Versions

  • 5.3.0


Fixed several ICC bugs

Fix onyxia options bug
Bump TOC to 50300
German Update
Changed onyxia's lair to zoneid loading in dustwallow marsh instead of realzoneText() by cave. this means that yes the mod will load pointlessly when passing through zone and not going near cave, but also means we can finally strip out all zone text code from core to make core itself more efficient

#Update all remaining ICC mods target scanning to new more accurate method
#Change many ICC warnings to generics and removed tons of unneeded localization

#Lich King Updates:
*Lich king mod was kind of a mess. sync method for plague hops is not going to work. they still don't show in combat log, but lets try UNIT_AURA.
*removed tons and tons of redundant or obsolete code and switch to better more current methods.
*Saw many false positive shadow traps tonight, but hopefully with some timing tweaks and new methods, that should be resolved as well.
*If you are level 90, ignore remorseless winter warnings, level 90s flat out stand in it and dps the lich king.