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    Nov 14, 2016
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Supported Game Versions

  • 7.1.0


Cleaned up UNIT_HEALTH events, maybe fix an error non existent units where throwing on said events

patch 7.1

Patch 7.1 changes every single 5 man dungeons encounter ID for wrath dungeons (used for improved engage/kill detection). This updates supports the new IDs while still supporting live's original IDs

*Spanish Update

*Fixed a few new ulduar bugs with 7.0 such as missing icons, bad combat detection/kill stuff.
*Fixed two reflect warnings in 5 man dungeons that didn't give correct target name.
*Minor Text Fixes

*Fixed stratholm wave announces for 7.0
*Improved halls of reflection lich king event to not rely on localized text and work for everyone.
*Fixed halls of reflection wave announces for 7.0
*Couple timer tweaks for violet hold waves/combat

Few timer/icon tweaks to timewalking dungeons

Fix lua error from 227 on mimiron

Fix a bug where stack was shown incorrectly on Garforst
Removed loot changes from Mimiron
Colored bar tweaks to razorscale
Updated Yogg Saron to use newer yell api so it honors global disable.
Timer icon/color tweaks to ICC
Some gunship and deathbringer timer tweaks

Some minor nexus updates and some spam reduction on Ick in Pit of Saron

#Forcemaster Garfrost
Added timer for saronite rock CD
Added timer for Deep freeze CD
Fixed bug with saronite rock warning near on rock targets
#ick & Krick
Fixed pursuit warnings to work now that RAID_BOSS_WHISPER is gone.
Added timer for boss specials
#Scourgelord Tyrannus
Added timer for hoarfrost
Added timer for overlords brand
Clarified special warning for overlords brand
Clarified warning for hoarfrost
Added range frame for hoarfrost
Better option defaults for warnings/timers
Tweaked forceful smash timer, it’s pretty variable, 40-50

Code refactoring for DBM core 6.2.12

Upgraded General Vezax to a newer scanner for shadow crash accuracy
Added shadow crash warnings to volazj trash in Old Kingdom

Removed some cpu inefficient onupdate handlers from some boss mods and switched them to more efficient methods

Added color bar defaults to 30 mods across various instances
Fixed lua error on moorabi
Fixed lua error on kologarn

Color bar defaults for ICC
Improved interrupt warning on Moorabi
Added GTFO for purple stuff on bloodstone Annihilator
Fixed a bug where icon would be left over on combat end with Ionar.

Required update for DBM 6.2.4 Timer refactoring

Kologarn mod will now detect eyebeams on BW users too, not just DBM users.
Patch 6.2

Update for DBM-Core changes that removal per boss speed kill timer options

Several ICC warnings have been added to the trivial check for level 100s (will not show if player level is at or greater than level 100)
This should overall reduce warnings users see that are completely irrelevant (such as being told not to stand in fire on lord marrowgar, that warning will no longer exist for level 100s)

Quick fix to a bug in r197

Refactoring for upcoming core update.
Enabled Timewalker stats
Removed whisper options from halion. A mod i missed when i removed it from all other mods long ago. Boss mods sending whispers to players with debuffs is stupid

onyxia: disable wtf sound by default (honestly people complain about silly things, this makes fight far more boring).
German Update

More 6.1 fixes

Update for patch 6.1

Required update for compatibility with DBM 6.0.12.
WILL NOT WORK WITH 6.0.11 or older

*Required update for DBM-Core 6.0.11
Don't disable any LK for hunters soloing LK though

Disable unneeded lich king timers in solo raid.
Fix icon lasting too long for Malody on Yogg Saron.
zhTW & koKR updates

Fix lua errors on Gothik
Fixed lua errors on halion
Fixed lua errors on Deathbringer

Fixed another set of lua errors (different cause then last) that would occur in all 5 man dungeons.

Fix lua errors in All Wrath 5 man dungeons

6.0 Updates

GUI Statistics update.
include caster name in reflect warnings.

Removed leftover debug code on iron council
koKR update
zhTW update

Sorting updates for future mods

Added cooldown timers for Malady and Brain Link abilities for Yogg Saron Encounter
Improved malady special warnings for more distinction of near you vs on you.

CN Update
Shortened harvest soul timer on HLK a little.

Improvements to Hodir pull detection when no one is targeting him.

freya, emalon, ingvar, thorim mods now have proper icon options and no longer set icons without users permission.
Fixed lua error in Lich king event in Halls of Reflection

Fixed algalon combat timer regressions
Fixed lua errors on Lord Marrowgar
Fixed allies of nature Cd timer on freya
Adjusted some timers on mimiron
Fixed issue where wrong trap warnings would fire in ICC

Tons of work on ICC mods to take advantage of newer events for less dependance on localized text. Probably other stuff I can't remember

Add encounterID support for ENCOUNTER_START/END (future proofing, 5.4.2 won't actually support these things in old raids, YET)

Several mods refactored to have less dependance on custom localizing
A few mods with improved combat/kill detection

Improved combat starts timers

5.4 fix for UnitName changes in the chat frame.

Update for WoW 5.4.
Massive updates across all mods (especially 5 man dungeons) to improve language support.

Lich King Soloing Improvements:
*Add audio countdown to Defile, Shadow Trap, Infest
*Option default tweaks
*Bump in warning sound/flash priority on Infest and shadow trap.

Fix lua error in gunship mod (ICC)

Fix onyxia mod combat detection on new 9833+ DBM-Core
DO NOT USE with earlier versions of DBM-Core alpha

Update for DBM-Core alpha revision 9833 and higher.
DO NOT USE with earlier versions of DBM-Core alpha

*Onyxia: Updated load behavior for DBM 5.3.3 update. Mod now only loads when you enter zone itself, not when you enter dustwallow and not when you are near the raid (but outside of it)

*ICC: Massive unused locals purge
*ICC: Improved pull detection of some mods (especially for non english clients)
*ICC: Switch all mods over to Incombat registration do to the fact the zone is an IEEU zone (cpu optimize)
*ICC: Fix some missed RegisterUnitEvent stuff (cpu optimize)
*Onyxia: Switch pre phase warnings to generics and remove extra localisation
*Onyxia: Make sure onyxia mod shows correct achievement text on the in combat timers.

Update for WoW 5.3
Better support for solo raids and party raids (ie, not a "RAID" group)

Fixed several ICC bugs

Fix onyxia options bug
Bump TOC to 50300
German Update
Changed onyxia's lair to zoneid loading in dustwallow marsh instead of realzoneText() by cave. this means that yes the mod will load pointlessly when passing through zone and not going near cave, but also means we can finally strip out all zone text code from core to make core itself more efficient

#Update all remaining ICC mods target scanning to new more accurate method
#Change many ICC warnings to generics and removed tons of unneeded localization

#Lich King Updates:
*Lich king mod was kind of a mess. sync method for plague hops is not going to work. they still don't show in combat log, but lets try UNIT_AURA.
*removed tons and tons of redundant or obsolete code and switch to better more current methods.
*Saw many false positive shadow traps tonight, but hopefully with some timing tweaks and new methods, that should be resolved as well.
*If you are level 90, ignore remorseless winter warnings, level 90s flat out stand in it and dps the lich king.