Deadly Boss Mods 4.52-r4442


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    Aug 27, 2010
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Supported Game Versions

  • 3.3.5


*** DBM-BurningCrusade users need to update to DBM-BC r151 or later when updating to DBM 4.52: ***

Fixes/Changes from 4.52 include (but not limited to):

* Default latency threshold upped to 250 since 150 was a bit too tight for non US players. (still configurable)
* Added options to all mods that have target scanning that enable the user to use the old scan methods should there be NO ONE in raid with less than 600ms running DBM (rare, but it happens). Letting the lowest latency raid member target scan and sync is still most reliable method but now you get a choice.
* Some BNSendWhisper improvements for combat whispers.

* Rotface arrow should be working correctly now (it identifes and points to ooze kiter as it was originally intended to do)
* Blood Princes: Now waits 4.5 seconds before hiding range frame after teldarim or keleseth become empowered in case valanaar casts empowered shock vortex right before change. This should make the auto range finder hiding for encounter behave more like it was intended, hiding any time it's simply not possible for valanaar to cast empowered shock vortex.
* Valithria Dreamwalker has an experimental abom spawn timer now. Let me know if there are any inaccuracies with it and what player size/difficulty you were on.
* Lich King: Added special warning if a priest or paladin healer get grabbed by a valk. (Requires syncing so healer that gets grabbed has to be on 4.51 beta or newer to send out nofication). Inspection requests would be difficult to use do to server throttle issues as well as possible range issues.
* Lich King: Added special warning on heroic difficulty that tells you when valk is at 55% and to switch targets.
* Misc bug fixes and additions I probably can't think of.

Ruby Sanctum:
* Halion encounter should be a bit more accurate, more feature rich, and boss health frame should work better now. (still won't update if you stay above in phase 2 and have no target)
* Many raid icons were updated to make a little more sense. (skull up top, X down below on halion for example, X was hard to see with all the fire). Also many other icons were updated to not conflict with DXE on fights where icon placement is sensitive and you don't want people running two different mods using different icons. With exception of sindragosa frost tombs. DBMs sort by group method makes more sense than random icons.
* Baltharus only splits twice on 25 man. Mod had recieved limited 25 man tested at time of release and didn't account for this change from PTRs 3 split version.
* Misc bug fixes and additions I probably can't think of.