Missing functionality #611

  • Defect
  • ADCorJUNGLE created this issue Oct 23, 2018

    Chart viewer is only available through options menu, instead of being able to replace the bar view. This is a huge missing feature and one of my favourite of alternate addons. pls add this so I can use Details! again. 

  • ADCorJUNGLE added a tag Defect Oct 23, 2018
  • Tercioo posted a comment Oct 23, 2018

    When there's data available it adds an icon in details title bar, it's a yellow lighting icon.

  • ADCorJUNGLE posted a comment Oct 23, 2018

    Yes but only through the options menu. Surprised there isn't a way to view it through the window. Like Recount except a line for each DPS in realtime would be better

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