Druid Friend

This addon is designed specially for the Druid class. It contains a lot of useful functions no matter which spec you are.

It should work with most languages, although translations depend on users providing them (see below).

Here are a few of the functions:

  • Announce spells or whisper the target of a spell for tank cooldowns, Tranquility, etc.
  • Announce when you successfully interrupt
  • Announce CC and CC breaks
  • Notify you what you dispelled and can announce dispels (very useful in PvP)
  • You can choose by spell to output to raid, party, raid warning, say, yell, or disabled and whether whispers are enabled for that spell.
  • Display Starfall damage for its duration when it expires
  • Display Mangle(Bear) total damage over a Berserk
  • Taunt tracker

Absorption Tracker
This is not too useful in Legion so far with the changes to mastery and absorbs. Shows you how much absorption you have on you and how long is left on the current amount. Currently supports:

  • Power Word: Shield

Todo/Suggestions so far:

  • Not sure if there is anything useful I can total up for cat berserk, but if you have suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

Of course you can choose for yourself which functions you want. It is built on Ace3 for increased efficiency and performance, with low memory footprint.

"/df ui" or "/druidfriend ui" to show the GUI or through the Blizzard AddOn UI Interface->Addons->DruidFriend.

As of release r44 DruidFriend uses libSharedMedia for Fonts and Sounds. Other addons that use libSharedMedia and add fonts and sounds will now be available in DruidFriend. If you would like to add a bunch of new fonts, check out SharedMedia and SharedMediaAdditionalFonts. For additional sounds you can use SharedMediaAdditionalSounds.

If you would like to help with translations please visit:


If you make changes to the translations, please send me a message as I do not get notified when translations are changed. I do try to check the Activity Log regularly to see if someone has made any changes though.

Bug tickets and suggestions can be submitted either as comments below or at:


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