Hate Dueling?

If you are the sort of person who isn't into duels, then DuelResponse is the addon for you. Any and all duel requests sent your way will be instantly declined, leaving you free to play in peace. It will even block those pesky Pet Battle requests as well, if you want!


Love Dueling?

If you are the sort of person who is into duels, then DuelResponse can still help you:

  • Any duels received while you are AFK or Busy will be automatically declined (although you can still hold down Control or Alt to let requests through).
  • Any duels received while you have Resurrection Sickness will be automatically declined. You cannot override this feature by using the Control or Alt keys.
  • Any duels received while you have high World Latency (default 250ms) can be automatically declined.
  • Any duels received while you have low framerate (default 15FPS) can be automatically declined.
  • Any duels received from enemy players can be automatically declined.


Whisper Plugin

DuelResponse_Whisper is a plugin for DuelResponse which adds the ability for the addon to send a whisper message when a duel is declined.

More information on this plugin can be found here.

Other Features

  • Most addon features can be enabled or disabled via the /dr command.
  • Holding down the Control or Alt keys will allow a duel or pet battle request through.
  • Tracks how many requests are declined.
    • Tracking occurs over all characters, as well as per character.
    • Good for nerds like me who like statistics.
  • Can also be used to block pet battle requests.


  • Brazilian Portugese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Most, if not all, of the localisations are in desperate need of reviewing, as I use Google Translate to get the phrases I need. As such, I am currently looking for people to help translate the addon; if you can help, please let me know by sending a PM.

Alternatively, you can use the Localization area - located here -  to update existing translations. 

Known Issues

  • None.


  • Please create a ticket for bugs and suggestions here.
  • Don't have a Curse account? Support can also be found on Twitter.


DuelResponse has its own Twitter feed - @DuelResponse - where I will occasionally post information about new releases, as well as talk about any new features I am planning on adding.


Project Manager: GeodesicDragon

Testing: AimForTheBrain, Healium, Aylar and several players on Saurfang, Lightbringer, Shadowsong and Aszune EU (both Alliance and Horde)

Special Thanks to BigRedBrent and the other Curse.com Forum users for helping with Lua.

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