This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Dev is in standby since i'd better look into blizzard API modications. Description is subject to changes. This works needs maturity, and tiny design and specification is still needed.


MLV is my very first addon, and might not progress as fast as other coders can do. MLV is developped under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).


MLV is a GUILD ADDON, and you will mostly need every member to have it activated.

MLV is designed to manage raid loot attributions according to following rules :

  • Rules are based on a MLV_Score. Highest MLV_Score gets the item. You can add or remove points to your score (see below). Negative scores are possible.
  • If player validates his presence on calendar and IS choosen for raid : you earn points (lets say + 1)
  • If player validates his presence on calendar and IS NOT choosen for raid : you earn points ( + 1)
  • If player validates his presence on calendar and IS NOT PRESENT FOR THE RAID (even if not choosen) : you loose points ( - 1)
  • If player gets an item : you do not earn points for being present, and loose points corresponding to the loot price. (- x)
  • Prices differ depending on item type, for instance :
    • Set : costs 2 pts
    • Off-Set : costs 1 pt
  • Loot atributions takes in account :
    • MainSpec > OffSpec > Apply > Reroll
    • MLV_Score : player with highest points gets the item
    • Turnover : player who already got an item is cannot win unless he is alone or all bidders have also already go the same amount of items
    • Craft : MasterLooter will se people eligible for patterns, with guildrank, MLV_Score and skill points.

Yes : Once you get a Loot, you are on low priority

So, MLV will interact with the in-game calendar and your guild ranks.


MLV will provide the lowest frames/buttons possible to keep it handy. RaidLeader and Masterloot will have specific frames to manage bids and options. They will also can have and share loot-history, points and general database. Define options :

  • prices
  • guildranks thresold options
  • Calendar check type : choose online check by calendar event time or defined raid start time


Raid members will only see pop-up for items they can vote for with :

  • Need (means MainSpec) / Offspec / Minor Up / Pass
  • A timer progress bar

MLV will provide this tools :

  • GuildMaster can define all the options, and will then master all guild members - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • GM can define RaidLeaders and MasterLooters by list and/or ranks - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • GM can give MLV config authorization for defined guilranks, player list and defined RL and/or ML - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • GM (and authorized ranks) can :
    • Define disenchant policy. This tool will include guildrank management. - NOT IMPLEMENTED
      • Item quality thresold for disenchant
      • Define a single player for disenchant
      • Or randomly send item to possible dez
    • Define Raid Loot eligibility based on : - NOT IMPLEMENTED
      • Guild rank
      • Classes and/or armor types
      • Specs
      • Professions
      • ...
    • Define Bid Timer - NOT IMPLEMENTED
    • Define how far Turnover should be taken in account : all time, current month, current week (starting from custom defined date), current raid - NOT IMPLEMENTED
    • Filters items out of guild loot management, premade list might me given : - NOT IMPLEMENTED
      • Emblems of conquest
      • Val'anyr shards
      • Mounts
      • Bags
      • ...
    • Choose between previously saved configurations
  • MLV will store all data : loots, MLV_Scores, options ...
  • RaidLeader can define MasterLooter from the GM premade list - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • RaidLeader can define MasterLoot options and send them to MasterLooter - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • MasterLooter can launch and track auctions - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • MasterLooter and RaidLeader can view players answers - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • MasterLooter validates loot attributions once everyone has voted - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • Raid members can autopass on premade list of items - NOT IMPLEMENTED
  • Raid members can autopass on lower armor type items (such as cloth for pallys) if GM has allowed lowerclass roll - NOT IMPLEMENTED

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