Pet Frame on Warlock Never Stays Where I Place It! #46

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  • Mindlessgalaxy3 created this issue Sep 5, 2018



    Firstly, love the addon awesome addon that gives me so much pleasure.


    The problem I am having does not happen on my hunter and only on my level 111 Warlock.  Every time I put my pet adjacent to my player frame it moves almost straight away (I only use the blue guy, and should try the others), but mainly after zoning or hearthing etc.  Sometimes it even just does it randomly when doing nothing, but opening up my bank or the like.  Not sure why and if you can help please?  It is the only issue I am having with this unit frame and isn't a big problem, just very frustrating that it is doing it and has done for ages.  I just assumed it was going to be fixed and not hassle you, although if I don't tell you, you obviously won't know or be able to help me lol.  I do hope it is easy to fix and does it on both alliance and horde toon Warlocks and EN-US servers as well.  Hope that is enough information and no errors at all either or taints.  Even if you can give me a heads up how or where in the lua file to change it I can do that myself so as not to impact anyone else or -possibly cause other issues? Just an offer if it is easier for you to help me?


    Thanks heaps.



  • usoltsev posted a comment Sep 5, 2018



    Thank you for response and kind words.


    I'll check it. On my hunter and DK there is no problem.


    Could you please send my the config \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\****\SavedVariables\EasyFrames.lua file and all the screenshots?



  • usoltsev self-assigned this issue Sep 5, 2018
  • Mindlessgalaxy3 posted a comment Sep 6, 2018

    Hi Usoltsev,


    Sure I will do that when I log on soon.  I haven't ever uploaded here before, but it looks easy enough.  I will get it up sometime today with the example where I have it and where it gets moved to.


    Thank you so much for your quick response as well, I really do appreciate it :)

  • Mindlessgalaxy3 posted a comment Sep 7, 2018

    Hi Again,


    I have done as you asked and taken screen shots etc, and it happened as soon as I clicked on the Vindicator Matrix Core as well.  I just thought why not try it, as so many things cause it to play up and it did.  Only problem I have now is how do I upload a file let alone the 2 screen shots I have.  Sorry I cannot work it out and never done it before?  Any instructions or a simple direct email address would be easiest for me, although it is obviously up to you?  If you can explain easily enough on here I will put it up once I have read your response or I can email it.  The email here doesn't allow me to attach or upload pictures or files either?  They must have had issues or server load problems?  Thank you so much and just so you know my Hunter never has a problem at all, it is only the Warlock that has the problem.  I am wondering if there is a difference reference in the game to lock pets than hunter pets, although I would have thought that a DK would be exactly the same as a Lock.


    Thanks heaps,




    PS:  Ok I have worked out how to do the files and feel a little stupid and now the photos as well.  I hope this helps you to help me.  Also if I go into settings and select restore it does not put the pet frame back and leaves it underneath the player frame like it was there all the time, which I thought was wrong and I thought restore should have put it back the way I saved it?  It is as if the setting isn't saving or something strange like that.  Good luck and thank you so much again for all your help with this.

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    LUA File

  • Mindlessgalaxy3 added an attachment WoWScrnShot Before.jpg Sep 7, 2018

    Before Pic

    This is the picture of how I want the frames for the pet to be placed please?

  • Mindlessgalaxy3 added an attachment WoWScrnShot_After.jpg Sep 7, 2018

    After Pic

    This is what happens all the time. To have this occur all I did was click on the Vindicator Matrix Core & didn't do anything else at all. It is now underneath in what I think is the standard blizzard position. Go into setting select restore & no change.

  • usoltsev posted a comment Sep 11, 2018



    Thank you for screenshots and descriptions. I'll try to catch a bug and fix it.

  • Mindlessgalaxy3 posted a comment Sep 14, 2018

    Thanks so much Usoltsev, as I think I said it would be awesome, but please do not think there is any pressure or anything major, just gets a little annoying is all and I am sure you have other more pressing issues to deal with, either in game or real life :).


    Thanks again for all your help and hopefully this does get resolved, as I am also a little surprised I seem to be the only person with the problem, which is also concerning me a little bit.


    Take care and thanks again,



  • hitokiri1337 posted a comment Mar 19, 2019

     Hi there. About the pet frame, it happened so randomly like when my pet dies and I summoned it, all of a sudden it goes back to the default spot. Most of the time I do pvp so I'm not sure if that helps to solve the problem. Once the bug happens, I just do /reload.


    Thank you so much for trying to fix it. Hopefully it will be fixed if not, it's all good :)

  • usoltsev posted a comment Apr 4, 2019

    Hi all!


    All this time I tried to catch the bug (on my mage and DK) on bg (when my pet dies and I summoned it) and in the raid - and couldn't catch it. Pet frame is always in the same place where I set it :(


    And, unfortunately, I don’t know what the reason is (because I can’t catch the bug).


    I will continue to look for it and when I find it, I will fix it.

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