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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Supported languages:
enUS, enGB, esES, esMX, frFR, deDE, ruRU, zhCN, zhTW, koKR, enTW, enCN

deDE by Xambrian
ruRU by StingerSoft
koKR by BlueNyx
enUS/frFR by Merah
(for SVN access contact me)

Required: Ace3 LibDataBroker-1.1
Optional: LibDBIcon-1.0 DewdropLib
Embeds: LibDataBroker-1.1 is the only one by default, for users convenience others libs are provided
into the downloadable zip aswell but you are free to remove any optional lib as long as the mod finds
the required in standalone or embedded mode.

Supported mods:
AddonLoader (for delaying mods and increasing connection/reloadui speeds, really brilliant mod to try)
Fortress (barmod via LibDataBroker)
StatBlockCore (barmod via LDB)
ButtonBin (barmod via LDB)
Titan Panel (barmod via LDB)
FuBar (barmod via LDB + Broker2Fubar)
Carousel (barmod via LDB)
MakeRocketGoNow (barmod via LDB)
Barrel (barmod via LDB)


Note: If do you like the mod I just tell you to add it in your wowinterface favorites even if you don't use that list because for me this is a usage meter, the lowest is the number and the quickest I will leave it no more updated, it already does what I do need so for who should I care enhancing it, fantoms ? He, hope you understand, thank you.


EasyDND is an intelligent mod to automatically manage you DND/AFK modes & reasons in various locations, it will always prioritize your flag rather than launching a blind /dnd when not required, so the possibilities to bug it are rares.
AntiParasites is an intelligent action blocker. It offers you to allow/disallow friends and/or guildmates on actions like duels, guild/party invitations, petitions, trades, it removes fantom sounds any blocked attempts could generates, chatframe texts aswell, sends a notification to the blocked player, it also removes unwanted things as for example say you are receiving a trade invitation while having a bank frame opened, this last will no more close if the trade is blocked, the same for guild petitions, do you receive one while browsing the auction house, the AH will no more close if the petition is blocked, and much more the default client couldn't do!
The mod has multiple options, each is optional so you are free to enable/disable those do you need, supports all languages, all bars, the minimap, handy mice shortcuts and so much, below is a short list of random things I have updated recently, feel free to try the mod that is really small and worse a try!

Random recent updates:

  • DewdropLib and LibDBIcon-1.0 are now optional dependencies (r72)
  • Added AddonLoader support (r68)

    • ===== New features (new since r63) =====
  • Ctrl-Shift-Lclick on the broker icon to temporarily allow the last blocked action & user to retry one time only, Ctrl-Shift-Rclick to remove the exceptions, this facilitates the events with unknown people to allow them quickly and only one time.
  • Few changes in the initial easydnd system making it more accurate
  • ===== New EasyDND options (new since r48)=====
  • Based on the idea discussed here (thx Dez!) 2 options to toggle the display of your name when entering/leaving the DND/AFK modes (to ensure any misuse they are by default set to off and they only work if you initially have your name hided)
  • Notable chat filter mistake fixed(could have hided some legit /tell to) see changelog for more details
  • ===== New structure (new since r45) =====
  • Ace2 => Ace3 conversion
  • Rewrite of whole code in much modular & light view (ie don't do much you should do)
  • Added support for 10 languages and so on
  • Fixed chat filters
  • Added LibDataBroker-1.1 support (now the mod supports all known bars!)
  • Added LibDBIcon-1.0 (optional minimap icon)
  • removed Titan/FuBar custom codes (they are now handled by LDB)
  • Dewdrop quick menu is still here along the neat AceConfig3 features
  • Bye bye Waterfail oops Waterfall heh
  • Bye bye Tablet
  • Memory used reduced per 3 (from 450kb to 150kb) thanks all neat libs especially Tekkub Rabbit Nevcairel!
  • ===== AntiParasites features (new since r23) =====
  • Allow/Deny trade, party, duel, guild invitations
  • Allow/Deny guild petitions
  • Allow/Deny friends and/or guildmates to bypass restrictions
  • Save and whisper a custom reason per actions to the blocked user
  • Show/hide this custom reason
  • Show/hide a chat frame notification on each blocked attempts
  • Show/hide Blizzard system notices on blocked attempts
  • Have no harassing sounds on blocked attempts and
  • Blocked attempts can not force the closure of windows like the Auction house or mail window unlike the default client or many other addon like ASSBlock or AntiSocial having this behaviour, AntiParasites uses another method by hooking the default functions to prevent from theses fantom sounds and window closures without altering them with whitelisted user.
  • ===== EasyDND initial features =====
  • Ace2 (Ace2 Dev team)
  • FuBar compatibility (Ace2,ckknight)
  • Titan panel compatibility (HonorGoG)
  • Also works with 0 bars installed
  • Waterfall compatibility (Ace2,Nargiddley)
  • TabletLib compatibility (Ace2,ckknight)
  • DewdropLib compatibility (Ace2,ckknight)
  • Embedded libs so you must be able to run the add-on without any requirements, FuBar/Titan is a big plus highly recommended. (greeting to master ckknight)
  • Using some new wow API introduced in 2.4 to filter system messages, saves a lot of code space and performance compared to some previous hooking tricks.
  • Secured to not switch AFK in BG or arenas
  • Hide Blizzard's yellow NPD/AFK notices
  • Custom messages
  • The mods does not acts if NPD/AFK modes are wanted and set manually
  • Easy settings saving per chars profiles or default
  • Option to monitor the current DND/AFK modes used on FuBar/Titan text and Tablet tooltip
  • Option to hide yellow addon's messages

Have fun!

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